12 Things You Didn’t Know About Hercules

Originally, the Spice Girls were considered for the roles of the Muses.

Greek Mythology

Although this movie is based on Greek Mythology, Hercules, is actually the hero’s Roman name; while, Heracles is his Greek name.

James Wood

James Wood’s favorite character he has ever played is Hades. He loves the character so much, that he is always willing to come back to voice the character anytime Disney needs him too.


In order to create the illustrations for this film, 72,000 pencils and over 1 million sheets of paper were used.

Greek mythology

Although there are nine muses in Greek mythology, only five of them are shown in the film.

Danny DeVito

Animators used Danny DeVito for inspiration while creating Phil’s character.

Oliver & Company

This was the first Disney film created since Oliver & Company (1988), in which the main villain does not sing a song.

 Disney animated film

Hercules was the first Disney animated film, that was not based on one of the Grimm Fairytales.

Ariels Beginning

According to Greek Mythology, Hercules and Ariel would have been cousins, since, Zeus and Poseidon are brothers.


In the film, Pegasus was created from clouds on Olympus; however, according to true Greek Mythology he was created from the blood of Medusa.

Although throughout the movie Narcissus is seen in Mount Olympus, he isn’t actually a Greek God and would not be allowed there.

Greek mythology

Greece was so insulted by this film, because it was so far from real Greek mythology, that the Greek government forbid Disney from premiering the film in their country.