13 Things You Didn’t Know About Moana

1. Originally, animators designed Maui as having a bald head, however, the filmmakers, later decided to give him long dark hair, as this is how he is described in most Pacific Islander legends.

The-Best-Moana-Movie2. The sign for Maui’s fishhook was inspired by the Scorpio constellation.

3. The movie’s animators got many of their ideas for how to best design the ocean, from watching the movement of Rapunzel’s hair in the movie Tangled.

4. In order to make Moana’s hair look as realistic as possible, the Disney animators had several models, with hair that looked similar to Moana’s, come to the studio and dunk their head in water, so that the animators could see what it should look like.

Moana-Official-Trailer5. Although most Disney princesses are designed as having very unrealistic body types, the animators of Moana, decided to specifically design her as having a realistic body type.

6. Several Easter eggs can be found in this film, such as Flounder, from The Little Mermaid and Olaf, from Frozen.

7. Originally, Maui was supposed to be the main character in this film and Moana was supposed to only be a secondary character; however, this was changed, because the filmmakers wanted the plot to be about Moana’s own personal journey, not just about her relationship with a boy.

Moana8. The filmmakers did not hold auditions for Maui, because they knew they wanted Dwayne Johnson to voice him.

9. It is only a coincidence that the voice actor of Moana looks so similar to her character, as Moana was designed before Auli’i Cravalho was

10. Moana’s red clothing represent her royalty, as red is the color of royalty in the Pacific Islands.

11. Dwayne Johnson inspired some of Maui’s physical appearance and movements.


12. Everything in the film, except Maui’s tattoos are C

13. Auli’i Cravalho is the youngest Disney princess voice actress.