13 ways to prevent data leakage


The modern tech world sells solutions where and how to get your data secure. Many platforms are providing their cloud protection services for free of cost. where they stored your data and sold it to the advertising company.

Don’t you ever wonder when you receive a message of advertising of brands like clothes or wardrobe where they get your number, or social account! These cloud servers are selling your data and making a fortune.

Another cause of leakage is intentionally using it to get you privacy data to use against you like friends or a foe. Either case you can never be too careless and more importantly.

Put the 2 steps authentication login on every social account so that even when you try to login from a new device you have to prove your identity by 2 factors authentication.

Now the most common ways to leak data

Selling your personal phone

Selling your own phone can be a problem for data leakage because most of us don’t care too much about data justa after a simple reset, but a hacker can easily recover your data even if you already did a reset in your phone. Here are some other facts to know and how you can prevent your data leaks in phones before selling, give it a read how to prepare your phone before selling.

Weak password

Weak password is easy to decrypt using the many free tools a Strong password should contain uppercase and lowercase and no in the beginning or end. Although when signing in different browsers always remember not to save the password this is the biggest cause that lets you login on that device.

Surfing on non HTTPS Sites

These sites are purposely intended to steal the user data either these are shopping sites or Ecommerce sites the moment you enter your data or credit card they received the file on cache file and they can access, so always when shopping online make sure the site where you are entering your data is HTTPS Validated.

Using Unprotected network WIFI

Usually when we dine out like a coffee shop we connect to that network’s WIFI without realizing that is secure or not they can steal your data in low quantity such as contacts and your browser autosave forms which may include your accounts passwords.

Stealing data in background

This type of data leakage falls in the Virus or trojan bugs which collect your data as you type the words they are targeting your keystrokes of the keyboard or your phone.

This is the most commonly used attack that hackers use to get your in data secretly un detected to avoid this you must install the Antivirus.

Human Neglectances

Often we sign in devices for timely use like a public library or the computer lab of your Education Institute and you often forget to log out there is a good chance that anyone who uses that pc next will end up getting your social account pre login.

Phishing drills

An employee may receive phishing emails from imposters from fake organizations. If an employee follows the email’s instructions, the phishers could gain illegal access to the company’s data. In this case, an employee who falls for a scam sends money directly to the phishers.

Google play apps

When installing the app in your smartphone make sure to observe its rating how many times it has been downloaded and the google play recommend to use that app or not cause there are like millions apps on google store.

Which are from unknown developers google detect this apps as black list and delete the listing depending upon the rating & reviews.

Using old phones

Using phones that are discontinued by their creators is a huge risk using them for a long time cause their operating system is outdated. Thus making them the ideal target to practice hacking attacks.

The android marshmallow version is old and doesn’t receive security updates so it’s very likely to get bugs virus which ultimately gonna cause you glitches and trouble in the long run.

IOS operating systems

Apple makes each phone considering that a user will use that phone for Maximum 5 years after this period of time Apples automatically stop that phone’s update and the optimization of that device will greatly suffer due to non support by Apple servers.

Using trial version of windows operating system on laptop pc

Microsoft just doesn’t update windows to make it faster and more reliable then before but it also cared for your privacy when working in networking in groups of computers. Your computer is at maximum risk of being traced or being monitored by the screen sharing software’s which is remotely installed to host pc.


This is a new type of malware that is making trouble in the international market highly sophisticated pc networks whose information is worth stealing to use against them.

sell to the highest bidding obviously there competitors where they are willing to spend millions on the competitors data.Using malware engine which uses ransomware engine to detect those virus will make you secure.

A new way to mined

Mining used world wide for cryptocurrency now they are mining for your data you won’t even know that a bug is running in background mining your data to the servers without being undetected the only way you can detect it from the high cpu usage probably is at 95 – 100%.

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