15 Animated Character Creators to Design Your Own Animation Video


According to studies, when compared to other visual content, animated videos have the highest number of likes and shares on social media platforms.  Animation is also firmly entrenched in pop culture as well through popular TV shows, movies and social media.

Whether you are a teacher looking to take your courses online or a digital marketer looking for the best way to engage your audience, you can create animated video using an effective tool.

Best Animated Character Creators in the Market

You will be amazed at the sheer number of cartoon maker options that you have. Choosing can be a bit difficult considering the options available. You don’t have to worry though. We have curated the 15 best-animated character creators available online. Also, we have added a link to the most efficient image to vector conversion tool that you can use.

Some of these tools are free cartoon maker options that you can use right away. Let’s check them out already!

1. Doratoon

When you need to create customized videos that drive comprehension, Doratoon is the video maker to use. The tool gives you access to millions of royalty-free animations, backgrounds, templates, stock footage, props, and so much more.

Irrespective of whether you are an educator, marketer, entrepreneur, or human resource manager, Doratoon offers the best resources to make animated videos free to communicate with your audience. You can simply select a template and edit it, adding your text and characters, choosing color schemes, and more.

2. Adobe Animate

This is an improved version of Adobe Flash Pro. Adobe Animate allows users to create interactive 2D animations and vector graphics for videos, games, ads, and lots more. It lets you animate characters, shapes, and avatars among others.

Adobe Animate comes with intuitive timeline controls and a virtual camera that lets you zoom, add a pan and use other effects. It also synchronizes audio with your cartoon video and also creates audio loops.

3. Visme

This is a cloud-based online video editor that lets you create animated presentations, infographics, banner ads, social media images, and more. Visme comes with many interactive and animated features built to create attractive designs.

With this tool, you have access to thousands of customizable pre-animated characters, premade templates, a full library of free videos and stock photos, gestures, illustrations, and more.

4. Blender

This is an open-source video maker that gives users absolute control over animation online. It offers advanced programming features and a command line for modeling, rendering, and creating 2D and 3D animations.

It works well with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Blender also has a set of realistic and powerful tools that you can explore for designing your animation videos. Additionally, it has a customizable user interface, shortcuts, and window layout to make your design seamless.

5. VistaCreate

This is more than the basic animation maker. VistaCreate comes with an extensive collection of templates and pre-animated characters and objects. It provides tools in animation that you can use to create animated ads and square videos without any skills. VistaCreates lets you combine animated GIFs and videos with images to create eye-catching videos.


6. PosterMyWall

This is another powerful software tool that is easy to use. With PosterMyWall, you can create animated videos, graphics, and promotional posters using stock videos and templates from the platform’s extensive library. It features a wide collection of animated templates and thousands of stock videos.

7. PixTeller

If you are wondering how to make animated videos for professional use, PixTeller is the tool for you. With this tool, you can make short animated videos using the frame-by-frame motions and editing the features of each frame, including opacity, rotation, colors, and more. You will find hundreds of pre-animated templates that you can customize on PixTeller.

8. Biteable

Biteable lets you create small animated videos for social media videos, promos, and adverts. You will find hundreds of video templates and thousands of animation and stock footage clips that you can use. It lets you add audio to your video for more impact. This is undoubtedly a great tool to make an animation for free.

9. Animatron Studio

Here is another powerful animation online free tool with a large gallery of pre-animated templates and elements. Animatron Studio offers unlimited customizable options where you can customize your characters’ expressions. You will find an extensive library of pre-animated characters and objects and a wide range of customizable options.

10. Animaker

This tool is a great choice for educators and businesses looking to create interactive animated videos and presentations. Animaker offers a large library of pre-animated characters and templates. It features six customizable video styles you can remix and edit. You will find over 200 sound effects and music tracks you can add to your videos.

Animaker Logo

11. Pencil2D

This is an open-source animation software tool you can use to create 2D animated characters. It uses traditional animation workflows and vector drawing tools to create free animation video designs.

It features a simplified user interface and customizable toolbar that can fit your creative process. Pencil2D Animation comes with versatile drawing tools that you can explore to create vector drawings. This tool is recommended for basic animators but not for modern-style or complex animation.

12. Powtoon

This is another online animation software tool that provides extensive tools in animation. It lets you make interactive and fun videos using premade graphic assets and animated characters. It is an effective tool for making explainer videos, whiteboard animations, and video presentations.

13. Clip Studio Paint

This is an all-inclusive animation software tool used for creating 2D animation, general illustration, and comics. While the user interface may be a bit confusing, you will find that it is one of the best animation software tools when you get a hang of it. It features an adjustable pen pressure for recreating high-quality, natural lines associated with pen and paper.

14. Procreate

You will find Procreate an intuitive and powerful software tool for beginner animators. It uses frame-by-frame animation techniques, allowing you to work digitally while you recreate the same experience of paint, pens, and pencils on paper.

15. KeyShot

This is an advanced but easy-to-use and simplified animation tool that lets you create scientifically accurate and photorealistic animations. Its top-quality 2D/3D animation features make it one of the popular choices among animators.

It comes with over 750 templates featuring different animation styles. It also has over 30 3D file formats and a real-time 3D image rendering feature.


If you are wondering how to create animated video designs and image to vector conversion, these are 15 tools you can use. We recommend Doratoon as a top choice because of its ease of use and a large library of templates, backgrounds, animated characters, and more.

If you want to learn more about creating animation, you may read our post on what is included in animation video production.

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