15 Essential Supplies for New Teacher


When you are a new teacher, your desk will be like a mini home away from your actual home. Keeping yourself supplied and packed with the right stuff will make your new teaching career so much easy. When you are a teacher you need to get involved with different types of students and you will have new experiences every day. If you keep yourself prepared with all the essentials, you will be able to face anything that comes in your way.

But as a new teacher, it can be quite confusing to know what supplies are essential for you, right? That’s why we have done our research and enlisted here 15 essential supplies for new teachers to make your teaching career easy.

So let’s take a look at all the 15 essential supplies for new teachers.

1. Carrying Bag: As a teacher, you will need to bring a few stuff to school every day. Be it class notes, teaching materials or even your laptop. That’s why the first thing that you must have is a good carrying bag that will have enough room for all your necessities. But it also needs to be comfortable to carry.

As an additional touch, if your bag is stylish and goes perfectly with your teaching appearance it will make a great start of your career.

They give teachers all the space they need to keep their devices, schoolbooks, and files, while still being comfortable to carry. – Source.

2. Writing Utensils: Writing utensils are must-haves when you are a teacher. When you are checking the answer sheets of your students or even making notes, you will need some writing utensils such as pencils, pens, highlighters, colored pens, sharpies and many more. Besides, when you will start your teaching career you will find at least one student every day who has forgotten or lost their writing utensils. It’s a very common scenario in the classroom. So keep a few extras so your students can borrow them and then return them to you when the class is over.

3. Writing and Editing Materials: Besides writing utensils, you will also need some writing and editing materials such as notepads, sticky notes, duct tape, scissors, etc. You can create notes, or write down your class schedule with them and hang them in your desk so that you don’t miss out on anything.

4. Magnet and Clips: You can keep papers together with the use of magnet and clips. This will keep all the papers organized.

5. Stapler: Be it the classroom or your desk, you will need a stapler to staple papers. Try to keep at least 2 staplers instead of 1, so that your students won’t fight with each other for it.

6. Staple Remover: If any of your students staple the papers in the wrong way or need to add more papers, you will need to detach it. Trying to detach the staples with your finger is very dangerous. That’s why keep a staple remover with you. A staple remover lasts a long time. So it’s a one-time purchase.

7. Hole Puncher: A hole puncher is used to make three holes in a paper so that they can be put in a folder. A hole puncher also lasts for a very long time so it can be a one-time purchase.

8. Folders: You can keep multiple folders in your desk to keep all the notes and paper works in them. Keeping different files for different kinds of paper works will help you to look for any paperwork that you need very quickly.

9. Desk Organizer: As a teacher, you will need to keep lots of stuff on your desk. With so many stuff, it may get messy and a lot harder to find something quickly. So keep a well-sized desk organizer to keep all of your stuff organized.

10. Calendar forStudents Reference: Keeping a reference monthly calendar in the classroom can be very helpful for everything. You can include school events, classroom events in the calendar. You can also put a study module, assignment submission dates, and test dates. You can also keep a calendar on your desk with the course plan and class schedules. So that you won’t miss anything out for student-teacher interactions.

11. Paper Lesson Planner: Use paper lesson planners to make your course plan so that you can teach everything nicely within the due time.

12. Timer: A timer can be a very useful thing when you are taking a test. You can put a timer on the table so that the students can keep track of their time while performing the test. You can also use the timer to play class time educational games with your students.

13. Printer: As a teacher, you will need to print out this and that eventually. Even you can use a printer to print out question papers, notes for the students.

14. Printer Paper: If you need to use printers in the classroom or your office room, then get a bunch of printer papers. Keep some as a backup so that you don’t run out of them in emergency times.

15. Trash Cans: Though it comes last in the list, a trash can is one of the most important things in the classrooms. Students tend to throw papers, food packets and other stuff on the floor. If you keep a trash can in the classroom and set penalties for students who don’t throw trash in the can, it will keep the classroom neat and clean. It will also help the students to form a habit of cleanliness. As a teacher, apart from teaching your students bookish stuff, you also need to help them form good habits.

We are at the end of our list of 15 essential supplies for new teachers. As a new teacher, from writing utensils to classroom material, you need to get a lot of supplies. When you have a clear view of which essentials you need as a teacher, everything in your everyday teaching career will become easy. That’s why we tried to enlist the most important of 15 essential supplies for new teachers. We hope you found this article helpful.

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