15 intelligent Tips to rent a car in Dubai


If you are on a Dubai tour or you are a businessman, then you must be looking for car rental Dubai companies. Many people used to book their vehicle before their trip started. It is the most convenient and easy way and also you have the freedom to roam around anywhere in the city without any hassle.

People of Dubai are tech-savvy and they like to roam around in modern and luxurious vehicles. The best thing is, you can rent or lease a car in Dubai as it is quite an affordable option for outsiders. You can enjoy the ride through the city without emptying your pocket.

If you are debating on renting an automobile in Dubai, then this blog is for you. Read it completely to know tips to hire a car in Dubai easily.

How to rent a car in Dubai?

Here we are going to mention some tips you can consider before renting an automobile in Dubai, UAE. Following these tips is important as it will not only help you to roam around easily in Dubai but also saves you from future issues when you return the car.

  1. Have a clear comprehension of your vehicles and their model necessities. The terms for your movement and time are also important as Friday is a holiday across the UAE, so it is impossible to return it on that day.

  1. Before the rental company handover their vehicle you have to submit the copies of important documents like passport, visa, Valid DL, and your international driver’s license.

  1. Take the snap images of your vehicle from inside and outside as it will spare you from getting a lot of questions later.

  1. Check the fuel and update the officials of your car rental company. You have to return the vehicle with similar fuel measurement.

  1. Don’t try to sign papers or get into any contract if the vehicle is harmed or in an accident before. It can cause you a lot of trouble when you will return the car back to the company.

  1. In case you feel that the vehicle is not working fine while taking a driving test, just simply return it back to the company or call to update them. It will help you to get the substitution of the vehicle as soon as possible.

How to rent a car in Dubai

  1. Make sure to study the roads and highways as all streets have different speed points. Make sure that you will drive in the defined speed limit to avoid traffic fine. You must know that traffic fines start at AED 650 every time.

  1. Go for cheap rent a car Dubai company to find the most affordable rates. Some companies like car rental UAE offers start from 60 AED per day.

  1. Utilize Google maps if you are new in Dubai and you have no data about streets or downtown. You can also install Waze App as it provides you the continuous speed cutoff to update crosswise over UAE.

  1. Make sure to read the insurance policies in case of any damage or if your car gets lost.

  1. At the season of arrival, make sure to snap the photos of the automobile you returned. Also, refill the fuel to avoid any kind of extra charges.

  1. Some of the companies also emphasize paying security fees before the deal. You can pay through your debit or credit card.

  1. Also, there should be a deposit fee, which is completely refundable when you return the vehicle.

  1. Make sure to check the charges as more facilities mean more charges, if you want a navigation system and a chauffeur along with a car, you have to pay more for that.

  1. Whether you are renting a car online or offline, make sure to study the disclaimer, terms, and policies of the company. Moreover, dig deeper online to find out cheap rent a car Dubai companies.


There are many car rental Dubai companies that are offering different automobiles on different charges. You can book your favorite vehicle for daily, monthly, or weekly basis. Well, it depends on your stay in Dubai. Read the tips carefully to avoid issues and make a fair deal with rental car companies in the UAE.

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