15 Pro Tips for Chainsaw Milling


For cleaving the plants and trimming giant branches, a fine chainsaw is outstanding. If you have ever lopped plants by hand, you will get amusement, seeing how a chainsaw perform cutting work with affluence and speed. A small plant can get chopped, and branches of that particular plant can detach within a few minutes. Besides, a chainsaw can help you to get the right measured cutting because of its effectiveness. You can have almost every woodcut based on your required size. Here, some facts exist, which you will need to follow strictly to get the best result from a chainsaw.

This article will present some essential tips regarding chainsaw milling tips, which will be useful if you follow those while using a chainsaw.

Here is 15 pro Tips for Chainsaw milling

  1. It would help if you kept your patience while using a chainsaw. You can quickly increase the quality of chopped wood by using a saw. For this, you should patiently cut the wood. Do not open the whole throttle at the beginning. Slowly tart and take short breaks in between work. Then start again. Complete the task of cutting wood in this way.

  2. Do not push the saw. Keep the wooden stick in a flat place. Then measure the saw with a scaling set on the wooden stick. You don’t have to be unnecessarily busy. If kept in this way, the wooden stump will get appropriately cut.

  3. You can make any shape of the wood. If you want to do so, you need to have designed before cutting the particular thing. Here, a thing you should keep in mind that you should not use hammer into the kerf. It will not be helpful for the shape.

  4. Put the saw in an angle position having the nose of the saw at the starting point. Be sure that you have put and held the saw consistently. Otherwise, the seesawing will not leave a good and excellent finishing.

  5. It would be better if you had a focus on cutting. Besides, you will make sure that the sharpened edge has got straight all through the wood log. Here, you can use other tools for accuracy and beauty.

  6. You need to oil the parts of the chainsaw regularly. It will keep this tool workable for a long time.  Be sure to check out the best chainsaw oil.

  7. In between the work, you will need to cool the chainsaw. It is because, with the working process, the tool gets heat.

  8. Be careful while moving the cut wood from the working place. Usually, the slabs are massive and can be risky while moving.

  9. Before starting your work, you should make a checklist. While working with the chainsaw, then match your list with the completed work again and again. It will ensure excellent performance and the most beautiful work. After completing the job, you should keep the tools according to the checklist.

  10. You can use a brush or cloth to clean the chainsaw. Never use water to do so.

  11. Make sure your electric chainsaw gets proper electrical supply. You may check the wire before starting the work.

  12. Keep the chainsaw in a dry space. It will be helpful if you use a box for it.

  13. Wear good quality dust masks and other protective equipment before starting work. You will find different types of protective equipment in the market. Some items may cost more, but these will ensure your safety. The mask will protect you from the trouble of wood dust. Because a lot of the time, these can get into our eyes, which is very harmful. You can use air to clean these if you want. An air blower can be quite useful for this. Wear gloves on your hands as well. These will ensure the safety of your hands. On the other hand, you must have thick shoes on your feet.
  14. You will need to change the sharpened edge of the chainsaw periodically.

  15. The chainsaw cable must have the right length because we often need to work far from the electric socket.

Final Words

Skill can bring good results with the help of useful tools. If you want to use a chainsaw, you should follow those tips to blast while working. Be serious about these facts.

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