15 Top DIY Home Improvement Ideas to Pick During Lockdown


DIY tasks are a pleasant way to wind down and switch off from the hectic rush of daily life. Whether it is a small paint job, furniture work, electrical fixes, or redecorating your home, DIY not only saves you money: it also offers you an opportunity to discover a fun new hobby or skill.

Although finding the time for DIY is challenging in the fast pace of modern living, the increased amount of spare time and cash many have found themselves with during the lockdown conditions have caused an explosion in the popularity of DIY projects worldwide.

Whether you are inspired by the idea of updating your interior space with a fresh or fancy revamp (see easy DIY projects for the home) or treating your garden to an ambient autumn makeover – there are a multitude of interesting ways for you to get creative with your home.

In addition, working within the calming atmosphere of your personal sanctuary, or even summer houses, enables you to enjoy welcome escapism from the current concerns, as well as to acquaint yourself more closely with nature.

If you are ready to launch into DIY but do not yet know where to begin, this article is for you – below is a list of awesome DIY ideas to get you started. These jobs will not only keep you busy and stimulated, but also provide a chance to delve into unexplored territory – and perhaps even learn something new! And for your home improvement needs, check out Home Essentials Direct .

1. Repainting Walls

Treating your walls a fresh coat of paint is a well-known and surefire way to instantly brighten up your home.

As an added benefit, repainting does not have to break the bank – most decorating outlets sell a range of paints and tools for almost all budgets That leaves you with the most fun job of all: choosing your color scheme!

2. Painting Floors

Painting a floor is an easy way to add a touch of glamour to your living space. Whether you want to transform tired or faded flooring – or want to take the plunge with a completely new look altogether – this is a great way to achieve a timeless and attractive centerpiece.

The impressive range of patterns, materials, and colors for flooring projects has something to appeal to every taste – have a browse and see what suits yours.

3. Applying Wallpaper

Wallpaper allows certain looks to be created that go beyond what can be achieved with paint alone. For a more vivid or vibrant finish, consider using wallpaper in your project.

You can even be eco-friendly and use leftover wallpaper rolls in your scheme – gorgeous colors, beautiful patterns, and fine lines are a remarkable way to breathe fresh life into your living space and catch the eye of visitors.

4. Making Planters

Planters are a great way to bring the rustic freshness of the outdoors into the domestic arena.

The great thing about making your own planters is that there is a wide range of containers you can use to get you started – hunt around the home for some pots, dishes, cups, and other handy vessels which you can repurpose to grow some kitchen herbs.

All you need is a knife, spare wood, and some secure fastenings to create planters with a variety of uses in all shapes and sizes.

5. Transforming Cabinets

Cabinets hold the potential to become more than just convenient storage space. Why not renovate one to add instant impact to a room?

Thrust a dusty cabinet into the spotlight with a vibrant splash of color, up the elegance with new handles, or add some bold stripes or lines to create a statement piece.

This is also the ideal starter DIY project for a beginner who wants to experiment before moving onto the more daring DIY adventures.

6. Shelving

A simple, yet effective way to revamp your living space is by rearranging its contents. One way in which this can be accomplished on a smaller, simpler scale is to add shelves to vacant spots in and around your home.

In addition to adding an interesting element to an area of blank space, it also provides a hub to store items and to display some eye-catching finishing touches and accessories.

7. Repairs

Those cracks and blemishes have been longing for your attention. Perhaps now is time to tackle them –after all, a small amount of energy invested now could save you money in the future.

With a few sheets of sandpaper and a tube of filler, that shabby wall or ceiling could look smooth and slick again. Meanwhile, if you need expert professionals to vloerverwarming monteren, click the link.

8. Fixing your Shed

There are a whole host of ways in which sheds can be put to use, making them a valuable source of outside space.

If you already get good use out of your shed but it is looking a little worse for wear, how about beautifying it? Get out the paint, add a few shelves – or perhaps start with some new cushions to get the ball rolling.

Or, if your shed is languishing in your garden, how about repurposing it?  You could turn it into a summer house, a study room, or the ultimate cozy hideaway – let your imagination flow!

9. Creating a Home Office

If you are not used to working from home, the conditions imposed by the global lockdown have thrown you into a whole new method of working from home too – likely with a makeshift workspace.

How about creating a new mini home office?  You could add a decorative partition to an existing room to create a divided area, and then add key pieces to make the space both a functional and attractive hub for you to work from the comfort of your own home.

10. Personalizing a Staircase

Tired of looking at the same old staircase? Stairs are often a forgotten area within the home – perhaps it is time to transform yours into a dazzling focal point.

Personalize the look of your staircase in a palette and finish of your choice. With a few brush strokes, your staircase can shine like an ornate piece of art.

11. Cleaning the Carpets

One of the biggest advantages of spending considerably more time at home is that you have more opportunities to complete those domestic tasks that are long overdue.

Carpet cleaning is certainly one of these. So, if your carpets are in need of a spruce up, this is the ideal time to give them an all-season spring clean.

If you do not fancy doing the job by hand, a carpet cleaning machine may be the best way to go – and will save you time!

12. Gardening

A well-maintained garden space can dramatically enhance the overall beauty of your home, as well as cultivate a calm haven of community for family and friends.

How about using some of your free time to do some well-needed weed removal, plant some flowers, trim the grass, or clear some waste? With a little time and love, your garden can soon be transformed from bleak to chic!

13. Oiling Hinges

The smaller and often overlooked DIY tasks can make the biggest practical difference to everyday living.

Oiling the hinges of stiff doors and windows is one of those subtle improvements which can considerably improve the everyday functionality of your home space – as well as ensure that you get plenty more years out of your fixtures and fittings!

14. Fixing Furniture

Buying new furniture is always expensive. However, when there are salary cuts and job losses, this can present an even bigger obstacle to overcome.

Why not opt to renovate your existing furniture instead?  What’s more, doing it DIY style means it can be done in a cost-efficient and very tailored way.

With some simple techniques and a dash of imagination, you can soon restore the sparkle in your well-loved pieces.

15. Building Trash Storage

Trash storage can be a great way to combine and more effectively manage the leftover waste you generate.

See what you can put to use around the home – unused decking or pallets, for example, can be easily repurposed to create a solid waste storage container at minimal cost – with the added benefits of tidiness and better hygiene to boot.

Both time and money are handy resources when it comes to most things in life, including DIY – and  more time, more money – or both – is a silver lining for most of us in the dim cloud of lockdown.

Why not put some of these gifts to good use by getting stuck into a new DIY project this month? Whether decorating or designing, building or beautifying, revamping or renovating: with some creativity and determination, the possibilities for home improvement are endless!


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