2 Hobbies You Must-Have in Your Twenties


In this digital era, we are being occupied with social media. These platforms take so much time from our daily routine that we forget to pursue any dream or hobby. Before these smartphones, hobbies were very common, but they are diminishing.

Let me tell you a fact. Hobbies are essential if you want to be a successful person. They play a big role in what you achieve in life. Social media may induce negativity, but hobbies always make you feel good. All this light shed on hobbies’ importance is to make my young fellows realize how much they need to have at least one hobby.

I understand that hobbies like gardening and collecting coins do not interest this generation. So, let us discuss two old and new hobbies that my young fellows find interesting.


Music is a trending passion in our young generation. Drumming is one of my personal favorites because I feel it helps us to let us give a voice to the spirit and enthusiasm stored in our souls. Drummers are quite relaxed if you have ever observed them.

Well, there is a scientific reason behind that. Drumming helps you to put all your energy and frustration into beating the drum and improves your mental health. Having drumming as a hobby also make you feel more productive, which, in turn, also enhances mental health.

Not only it helps you to deal with anxiety and depression; It has been proven that drumming also boosts your immunity. If you want to start drumming, visit https://www.beginyourdrumming.com/

Book reading

Book reading is a traditional hobby which has, fortunately, getting advanced as well. From reading paper books, we have now become addicted to eBooks as well. eBooks have their benefits. You do not have to carry them. You do not need any physical storage. You can own a whole libraryon your phone. They are also cheaper. But with that said, it still cannot completely replace paper books.

Paper books have emotions and feelings associated with them, so they are also important. They give you the real feel and are more impactful, in my opinion.

The most common thing in all successful people is that they read a lot. It helps them to learn from others’ experiences. In this short life, we cannot expect ourselves to learn everything on our own. With that said, all in all, book reading is an essential habit which everyone must-have.

Books help you two transform your habits. They help you to get mentorship from world-famous personalities. Read their biographies. See what they advise. Experiment and find out what works for you.

I prefer reading at least 15 minutes daily. It helps me to grasp whatever I am reading easily. It helps you to retain the information you read. In this digital era, along with books, we must read blogs to stay up to date about the latest information.

These are the personally preferred hobbies that I would recommend to everyone who is in their twenties. These two hobbies will help you to deal with the negativity and stay motivated.

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