20 best gift ideas for your dog this Christmas


Are you a dog lover? Okay! Stupid question: If you are reading this blog, you are a dog lover looking for the perfect gift for your four-legged friend. Right? Well, even though your dog will appreciate the cuddles, kisses, and love you give her every day, it will not hurt to get them a special present for Christmas. After all, it is Christmas, and no one should be left behind, especially your pet, who loves you the most. Right?

However, finding something for your dog can be difficult because they are more difficult to please. Also, you want to buy a useful gift for your dog and you. For instance, buying a collapsible dog bowl is a great gift, as your dog will never be thirsty wherever you go, as you can stash it in your car or bag. Or you can buy a toy for your little pet that will ensure a great playtime while leaving your furniture and mats scratch free.

Stumped about what to get your dog this Christmas? Do not worry, as below is a list of the best gifts for your dog. It includes travel accessories, toys, treats, and whatnot. Have a look below.

Dog Collar

A dog collar is a necessary accessory for your dog. It ensures you can take them out to do business or to the garden without worrying about the dog getting lost. You can click on this link to shop for a robust yet stylish collar for your pet. A dog collar will provide comfort and make your pup look even more adorable

Check out Alpine Dog for its handle-free collar, which provides maximum support and durability. It has a quick-release button, is easy to use, comfortable, and works on dogs of all sizes and shapes. It can be a great gift for your dog, and leasing it will ensure comfort and security for your furry friend.

Hooded Towel Hoodie

Don’t you hate when your dog rolls over the entire rug after a bath to soak off the water? You do, right? The best solution is to buy a hooded towel hoodie, which is perfect for your little friend as it will soak them, ensuring they dry quickly and don’t shiver in the cold. These towel hoodies come in multiple sizes, colors, and designs.

Premium squeaky dog toy

Do you have a puppy? Then you know how much they love squeaky things and toys they can chew. So give them a hide-and-seek puzzle squeaky toy from Frisco to ensure they have a great Christmas holiday. This one has six Dinosaurs and a volcano, where you have to hide Dinosaurs. It will not only keep them occupied, but it will also stimulate your puppy’s brain. A perfect gift to help them develop multiple gifts.


Exercising your dogs indoors and outdoors is necessary for their health. It helps them lose weight while allowing them to have fun and expend energy. And the best way to do so is by playing a game of fetch with them using an ultra-ball.

The best thing about an ultra-ball is that you can either use a small one or buy a big one if you have a big dog.

Christmas jumper

Dress your dog in the Christmas spirit this December 25 by buying a Christmas sweater for your lovely dog. You can find many Christmas-related clothes online or in dog stores nearby, like a jumper or a dress for your dog. Imagine how a family picture with everyone in a Christmas sweater will look.


How adorable will your dog look in a bandana on Christmas? You can match your outfit with their bandana to be in festive mode. Go online, and you will find packs of bandanas that are comfortable and of premium quality.

Dog treat maker

A dog will never say no to treats, but you cannot give them everything you eat. So, get a dog treat maker if you want to bake something healthy and nutritious for your dog on Christmas. In this, you can make treats in the shape of a bone using ingredients you have to make the day more festive for your furry friend. Here is a  recipe you can make in this dog treat maker full of delicious things.

A tug toy

A tug toy is another ideal gift for Christmas, as it is interactive and keeps your dog engaged for hours. If you have two dogs, this is a perfect gift, as it allows them to play with each other without biting each other off. Just buy a sturdy, durable, and machine-washable one, as it will get dirty soon.

Soft toys

Soft toys like plush unicorns or blue dinosaurs are another Christmas present they will like. Get a non-toxic soft toy in the shape of a unicorn, and your dog will love it so much that it will not sleep without it.

BarkBox subscription

Who does not love treats? Your dogs are not any different. So, get a BarkBox subscription full of treats and toys. The subscription allows you to choose the size, shape, and dog’s age to customize the treats and toys accordingly.

Dog bed

Gift them a soft and furry bed in which they can sleep or curl during winter. The donut-shaped beds are so comfy that even you might have the temptation to take a nap there. (Just kidding, or not.).

Custom blankets

If you knit, you can create a blanket for your dog with its name on it. Or you can find a custom one online that keeps them warm and cozy during the winter.

Dog water bottle

It is challenging to feed water to your dog when you are on a run or outside for a walk without a bowl. Isn’t it? Not anymore! Buy a dog water bottle, and your dog will never be thirsty again, no matter where you are. You can find multiple brands on Amazon and buy whichever suits your needs the best.

Santa pajamas for your dog

Do you want to include your dog in your Christmas Day family picture? Then, from the dog clothes, get some comfy Santa pajamas for your dog and yourself. It will be an exciting holiday card with everyone wearing matching pajamas.

Automatic ball launcher

Your dog loves to play fetch, but it gets tiring for you to keep throwing the ball. To solve the problem, get an automatic ball launcher, and the dog will keep playing fetch until they get bored or tired.

Frozen treat dog toy

Everyone needs “me time, “and as a dog parent, you are no different. To make this possible, buy a frozen treat dog toy, which you can fill up with any treat, like bone broth or pomegranate juice (once a week only), and freeze. Afterward, take it out and let your dog enjoy licking the toy as you take some ‘me-time.’

Foldable pet swimming pool

Are you traveling with your dog to a warmer area? Or are you planning a pool party as soon as summer hits? Then buying a foldable pet swimming pool is a great Christmas gift idea. Purchase a sturdy one that can hold a reasonable amount of water and is foldable, making it easy to carry anywhere.

Personalized dog bowl

Your dog loves their mealtime, so make it unique by getting them a personalized dog bowl with their name and maybe even their face.

Wooden pet-house

A dog will love their personal space, so buy them a wooden pet house. Here they can curl up when tired or play with their toys.

Tennis balls for dogs

Dogs love tennis balls and playing with them on big fields. So on Christmas, not only gift them the balls but take them to a big field where they can play with the new tennis balls.

Christmas is a time when you give gifts to everyone close to you. So, pamper your dog with one or more of these gifts. The above ideas are perfect for anyone looking to find a gift for their dog owner friend. However, if you want to grab these exciting gifts, start shopping now, or everything will be sold off.


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