2020s Best Horse Racing Moments


Whilst the world came to a standstill, with social distancing and covid regulations impacting people throughout the globe, the sport of horse racing has continued to soldier on and provide entertainment to millions around the world. Add to this the betting companies upsurge that has occurred online, following lockdowns and in-store closures. Bookies have thrived online and have been able to provide extra special promos this year which may well be spurring the average punter into bigger bets. But the sport and betting alike would not be what they are without the memorable moments and exciting times that the horses provide for us fans throughout the year and we are hoping these Cheltenham day 2 tips add to the excitement. Let’s have a look at the best horse racing moments of a very memorable 2020 year.


Easily one of the best performing horses of the year this American colt showed its sheer brilliance as it came painstakingly close to matching the famous American Pharoah’s record of grabbing wins in all of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Breeders Cup. Trying to match the Triple Crown legend, Authentic won at the Breeders cup in a neck and neck performance which propelled him into the limelight but the illusive Preakness Stakes eluded the colt.

Drug Scandal

Closely following a win at the Saudi Cup’s richest race, there was one of the biggest scandals in the 2020 horse racing fixture list. Jorge Navarro and Jason Servis were among 27 well known individuals involved in the production, administering and distribution of an illicit drug for horse racing. After being caught up in the use of these banned horse racing substances and after winning the Saudi Cup worth $20 million, there was an inquiry made. $10 million has been withheld pending the inquiry but we are yet to see what the outcome finally results in.

Aiden O’Brien

The famous trainer has a legacy surrounding him and is renowned for his immense training programme. But this man topped another dreadful year with some really good results. Training the favourites in the Epsom Derby and Breeders Cup put O’Brien in a prime position to win some silverware. But it would come from an unlikely source. As a sports bettor you ain’t really looking at anything over 50/1. But Order of Australia started the Breeders Cup mile at a huge 73/1. Serious outsider, this Irish thoroughbred would head a 1-2-3 for O’Brien at the Breeders Cup mile and show just why he is such a good trainer.

Female Filly Finesse

Making her way into an elite group, Swiss Skydiver became the 6th ever, and first since 2009, filly to win at Preakness Stakes. She batted off the favourite Authentic at the bends and secured an 11/1 win. Excellent for the sport and even better for the punters who backed the relative outsider horse to a win. Can’t grumble at a sports betting 11/1 return.

It’s been a tumultuous year throughout the globe and horse racing is no exception to this madness. But what you can guarantee within this sport is the sheer beauty and brilliance that it has constantly provided for its fans and punters. The entertainment has flowed in this sport despite setbacks and everyone is hoping that this will continue into the new year.

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