2021’s Best-Selling Hybrid Crossover: Everything You Need to Know about New Toyota RAV4


Crossovers are the latest fad in the car industry and based on their growing sales, they’re here to stay. Hence, even the smaller old-school SUVs have been given the crossover treatment.

This change has greatly benefitted the Toyota RAV4, which has sold more than 110k units in just the first quarter of 2021. The RAV4 is the best-selling crossover and the best-selling Toyota Hybrid of 2021 so far.

We know that the RAV4 has Toyota’s label of reliability and many reliable suppliers for genuine Toyota parts. But what else makes it sell?

The New RAV4’s Engine and Performance

One of the major selling points of the new RAV4 is its hybrid powertrains. The hybrid RAV4 models produce a max output of 302hp and an astounding acceleration time of 5.5 seconds. More on the range later.

The RAV4’s 8-speed automatic distributes this power to an FWD system for a 0-60mph time of around 8 seconds. AWD is optional and so is a CVT on the pricier trims.

The basic engine is a 2.4L 4-cylinder. It makes 203hp with 184lb-ft of torque which is great for a vehicle of its weight.

The New RAV4’s Interior and Technology

The RAV4 has a sleekly designed interior that is built spectacularly with high-quality materials. Even the plastic bits won’t stand out to the untrained eye as they’re covered by soft padding.

The cabin is a spacious one that accommodates up to 5 people with its comfortable seats. The higher trims offer more colors and leather stitching for maximum plushness.

The new RAV4’s interior oozes functionality with its storage capabilities. These combine with increasing technologies, such as electrically adjustable heated seats as you move up the trims. The entry variant has a 7-inch infotainment system connected to 6 speakers.

Right off the bat, you get keyless entry and climate control. More tech such as better infotainment, a moonroof, and a powered liftgate are available.

The New RAV4’s Exterior and Storage

The 2021 RAV4 looks sharp all around and the exterior is no different. It is unique and the styling is more aggressive than your average crossover vehicle.

For the wheels, the RAV4 gets 17-inchers, upgradable to 18- or 19-inch alloys based on your trim. You get a choice of 15 colors and let’s not forget the available powered moonroof.

The storage mirrors the roominess of the interior with a trunk capacity of 38 cubes. There’s plenty of storage available in the cabin with the glovebox, numerous cupholders, and cubbies.

The New RAV4’s Fuel Economy and Safety

It fares well in terms of fuel economy with 27mpg city and 35mpg highway. The hybrid takes this up by a few notches and does 41/38/40mpg.

While the argument can be made about the entry variant being poorly equipped, it certainly isn’t in the safety department. The 2021 RAV4 includes 8 airbags, ABS, ESC, and smart stop.

It’s lane departure assist helps you stay in your lane and its stability controls prevent slippage. It helps you spot the signs on the road so you’re more aware of what the law says and it can locate unnoticeable objects around you. 

The New RAV4’s Reliability 

Finally, the RAV4 from Toyota Chillicothe Ohio sells like hotcakes because of its build quality. The reliability figures aren’t available yet, but the warranty should take care of everything for 3 years/36k miles and the powertrain for 5 years/60k miles.

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