2022 Trends for Online Gambling

Online gambling is a very special phenomenon that appeared when the gaming community needed it the most. We say this because most people who now play online have felt that the sessions that can be launched from this environment are safer and more intimate, and professional players can focus much better when they need to win difficult poker tournaments or apply roulette strategies. Online gambling also brings with it a large number of new trends that may be more or less successful. In today’s article, we talk about the new trends in online gambling this year.



As we said, and as others have said as well, crypto and blockchain are the latest technologies and the safest ways to make online transactions. So, because everything is so new, safe, and innovative, the year 2022 has managed to create a trend in this new technology. India’s first cryptocurrency-based online casino India has already appeared, and there are more and more players. Most casino players do not have much confidence in this new trend, but this is true of all new things. Adoption is very slow at first, and players are very sceptical. But this new crypto trend in the gambling industry guarantees us a long list of benefits.

First of all, the casinos where you will be able to bet with crypto are safer, because for some of them you will not even have to register to play. The wallet is enough to be able to play, bet and withdraw winnings. The costs are much lower, there are no commissions, and withdrawals can be processed in less than a few seconds.

Land-Based Casinos

Land-based casinos have always been one of the main attractions for those looking for the perfect gambling session. Even if you are passionate about online gaming or even if virtual casinos give you freedom, more time, and the opportunity to bet even from the comfort of your home, there are some aspects of physical casinos that can never be replaced. First of all, in land-based casinos, the first stories of very big gambling winnings were born. Even if we are talking about slots or poker tables, physical casinos were the first to start these trends. They are hundreds of years old and will continue to exist.

Another very important factor that has made these casinos a trend again is the pandemic. The pandemic has forced everyone to cut back on social activities. After the players were forced to stay in their homes, they found an optimal solution to bet online. But when you bet online, alone, for a very long time, you miss and miss the atmosphere that was in the physical casinos. Now that the restrictions are gone, most people want to get out of their homes again and socialise. Casino players will go straight to physical casinos to meet these needs.

Esports Betting

Sports betting on esports teams has been a trend for the last 5 years. That is why they will continue to grow more and more as the esports industry grows more and more. There are countries where esports teams are just beginning to be formed, and most of them are just starting to adopt laws that will create a suitable environment for carrying out these activities. Sports championships are starting to have more and more professional players, and governments in all countries are becoming more permissive with these sports. Teams are attracting more and more sponsors, and where there are sponsors, there are bigger budgets. The bigger the budget, the more the promotion of events reaches more people, and they will want to place bets on their favourite teams.

Games like CS:GO, League of Legends, or Dota 2 are games where the championships offer millions of dollars in prizes. Amateur players or sports enthusiasts are starting to bet more and more money on their favourite teams, which makes us happy. We are seeing an increase in the esports industry, and the possibility of betting on esports teams is growing.

Virtual Reality Gaming


Virtual Reality is also a technology that is just beginning to be known to everyone. The more it develops, the easier it will be for people to access it. It’s not the first time VR technology has been used in gambling, but that didn’t stop it from becoming a trend in 2022 either. The VR experience is likely to replace physical casinos. Because you can go to a casino that looks like the physical ones, even if you are in your own home. The only thing you will need is the equipment you can use to enter virtual reality. NetEnt and Microgaming are gambling makers that have already started creating games for these platforms.

Mobile gaming

The majority of our internet activities take place on mobile phones. This is evident in both our blpeople are increasingly spending more time playing games on their phones, socialising on their phones, and even studying on their phones.

Why not combine phones and a gaming environment? This is already happening with the help of users who decide that it is much easier to place sports bets directly from their phones. Now you can check the matches on the phone and even keep track of important events.


Trends in the online gambling industry are things that happen because of the way we interact with our favourite games. The more we continue to use technology, the more normal today’s trends will be tomorrow’s.