3 Affordable Travel Goals To Try This Year


This year is extra special for traveling because it marks the start of another decade. A good way to start the decade is to find affordable travel destinations or travel options to accomplish within this year. Not only that, as early as the start of this year, take advantage of special travel promos offered by different airlines or make regular flight reservations right now for dates later this year. Affordable fares and affordable travel destinations make a great combination for a great vacation experience for this year.

1. Travel to Amazing Asia

Start a new travel bucket list with several countries in Asia, particularly Southeast Asian countries. If it’s the warm, tropical climate that you are after or beaches, natural wonders or a new culture to explore, you won’t be disappointed. Countries in this region where you can travel affordably include Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Indonesia. According to the information from AffordableTravel.org, you will need a reliable travel guide website that provides you complete information. Comprehensive and detailed information about your travel goals can help fuel your excitement and your determination to pursue your travels and make the most out of it. When you know the flights to take, the accommodations to reserve, attractions to watch out for and the important travel information to keep in mind, your travel will be less about the hassle and more about fun, enriching and memorable moments.

2. Explore Breathtaking Europe

One of the most common misconceptions is that traveling to Europe can be expensive and complicated. Surprisingly, there are many affordable destinations within and around the European continent. The Baltic States such as Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are a great travel alternative to Nordic countries which are costlier by comparison. Other countries you can visit in the continent of Europe are Georgia, Romania, Ukraine, Morocco, and Turkey. Not only do these countries feature captivating tourist destinations they also have enchanting festivals and celebrations and not to mention the friendly and charming locals. Surprisingly, the places to stay in Europe are very affordable if you know where to look.

3. Rendezvous at Exotic Americas

The countries in the Americas are quite often overlooked by travelers who seek to travel internationally. If you have the same way of thinking as other travelers, you’ll never know what you are missing if you look over the countries in South America. These countries are homes to the finest beaches in the world, but there’s more to these countries than just beaches. Natural wonders and cultural heritage sites are plenty in these countries and you should take time to explore them. Even if you are on a budget, you can get pleasant and classy accommodation from hostels at a very affordable price. Mexico and Argentina make it to the top spot in our featured destinations in the Americas. With the fluctuations in the peso currency in these countries, this year is a good chance for you to travel far and wide even when on a budget. Other countries you might want to check out are Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, and Cuba. These countries may have had dark chapters in their histories, but they have long moved on since then and their doors are wide open for you to explore. You’d be proud to be among the few travelers who have visited these hidden gems of South America.

We intentionally broadened the goals and range of choices for your travel plans this year. We want you to have the freedom to choose the best picks and pursue your own travel adventures. After all, traveling is more about having fun, gaining enriching experiences and creating lasting memories. So don’t hold yourself back when it comes to your budget and enjoy your trip this year to the fullest.

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