3 Amazing Facts about Dogs


If you have a dog then you already know that they’re amazing. Not only do they make great pets for their loving nature and fun personalities but when you look into their abilities, they’re actually pretty incredible creatures that are even renowned for helping their owners’ mental and emotional health. Here are some amazing facts about dogs that you probably didn’t already know.

They Have Amazing Noses

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, in fact, it is estimated that their sense of smell is at least 40x better than ours. We have an area in our brain that is used to detect different smells and comparatively, the area in a dog’s nose is 40 times as big! No wonder dogs can be trained to sniff out things like people and even drugs. In fact, over recent years dogs have been used for a number of medical reasons too, thanks to their amazing sense of smell. Dogs are able to detect a number of medical conditions and can even be trained to alert their owners of things like epileptic fits before they happen, allowing people to get themselves to a place of safety before it takes place. All of this but they can also sniff in and breathe out at the same time; which is a pretty mean feat!

They Love Music

Whilst a dog might not be able to tell you what music they like or who their favourite artists are, they are music lovers. There are different types of music that dogs enjoy, but as recent Betway research shows they tend to like things like folk, classical and jazz. Their recent Dog Relaxation Experiment looked into the media and music that is on in the background of a home and the effect this has on dogs. It showed that jazz and folk music are on average the best music genres for helping dogs to stay calm.

Their Ears are Incredible

It isn’t just their sense of smell that is amazing; they have pretty good hearing too. If you’re a dog owner that has ever tried to open a packet of ham without your dog noticing you’ll know just how quickly their ears twitch at the slightest crinkle of a wrapper and just how fast they become alert that something is going on. However, it isn’t just a great hearing distance that they have (although this is on average 4 times the distance of a human’s hearing ability) but they can hear in much higher frequencies than us too. Not only that, but they have 18 muscles that control their ears which is why they’re able to move them around so much. They are generally able to move them towards the noise they are hearing or pert them up to hear better and this is something that helps their hearing abilities to thrive too.

So, not only are dogs great pets, super loving and generally super smart but their bodies have some pretty amazing abilities too; no wonder they’re such a popular animal for people to share their homes with.


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