3 benefits of choosing bespoke awards


No matter what industry you work in, recognising hard-working employees is an absolute must – and what better way to do so than to present them with an award?

Many companies invest in bespoke awards to show their staff just how much they appreciate them and all that they do for the business. It can help with staff retention rates, encouraging company loyalty throughout the business. And after multiple lockdowns, adjusting to remote working and juggling childcare and home-schooling, we’re sure you’ll have many deserving candidates who have earnt more than just a pat on the back!

The question is, do you present everyone with a medal or an off-the-shelf trophy to show your gratitude? Or do you pull out all the stops and provide them with a special accolade that includes their name? We know which we’d pick…

Here we look at just a few of the key reasons why you should opt for a bespoke award:

1. They are unique

Bespoke awards are like nothing else. Yes, they come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, materials, colours and styles – and can be presented at all manner of events to reward and recognise excellence – but they are tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Whatever design you have in mind, you are in the driving seat and can choose exactly how you want your trophies, plaques, medals or table centres to look. This makes your award even more memorable for the recipient.

2. They inspire others to try hard or aim higher

It’s no secret that the award at an end of year award ceremony, industry event or even a private awards evening is always given a lot of attention. And to receive a bespoke award that is personalised – i.e. with the winner’s name, the name of the award and the year engraved beautifully – makes it special in every way possible.

A lot of businesses have employee recognition schemes where they honour their top-performing and longest-serving members of staff, as well as rising stars, with a bespoke award. This can be a fantastic incentive for employees – encouraging them to push themselves and to work hard – but also helps your business to be more successful.

3. They can boost brand recognition

Bespoke awards don’t only make a powerful statement about a company. They can boost brand recognition at the same time – especially if you choose to include a logo or company name and use your corporate colours!

If captured perfectly with a photographer’s lens or displayed in a trophy cabinet or hung on the wall, bespoke awards can generate a lot of free publicity – putting your brand well and truly in the limelight. So, all the more reason to get the design spot on.

Is a bespoke award just what you need?

If so, get in touch with EFX today. A quick look at the magnificent trophies and awards they have created for big names over the years shows that they have vast experience when it comes to manufacturing bespoke awards.

If you’ve got lots of brilliant ideas in mind, and know exactly what you want your bespoke award to look like, you’ll be pleased to know that they offer a free design service. However, if you’re spoilt for choice or need a little inspiration, they have plenty of examples for you to check out in your own time and offer a wide selection of personalisation options – from laser engraving a removable plinth to UV printing the winner’s full name

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