3 brands you didn’t know are Dutch!


The Dutch are master of many things. Not only did they master to live below sea level, over the years they’ve also come with many great solutions to a lot of problems. This resulted in some big companies going worldwide. Most of these things happened so many years ago, that some people nowadays forget that these companies started in the Netherlands. To remind you of these Dutch brands, in this blog we’ll write about three big global brands that are originally Dutch!

1. Heineken

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, it’s very hard to walk into a supermarket without finding Heineken. This big beer brand started in 1864 in Amsterdam and has managed to conquer the world ever since. It can’t call itself the most popular beer brand in the world, but it is in the top 10. Funny fact about Heineken: most Dutch people don’t even think it’s the best Dutch beer. Although it is the most drunk beer, many people prefer the likes of Grolsch, Amstel and Hertog Jan.

2. Philips

Did you know that Eindhoven’s nickname is “the City of Lights”? This all has to do with Philips originating from there. This company is a household name when it comes to electronics, even though originally, they only made lightbulbs. Nowadays, these lightbulbs are hard to find if you’re looking in Philips’ product range. Other electronic devices such as electronic toothbrushes, razors and other healthcare products are far more popular.

3. Spar

Go to any country in Europe and it’s very likely you’ll do your groceries at a Spar. This Dutch supermarket franchise is known for high quality products for a fair price. Of course, the products that can be found here aren’t all Dutch, but it’s interesting to see that a company that started in the Netherlands again did manage to conquer many countries. Nowadays, Spar isn’t the biggest supermarket in the Netherlands but globally viewed, it is.

Dutch Expat Shop

If you’re a Dutchman abroad, it can be quite hard to find access to some of these Dutch brands, especially when it comes to food. We’d like to introduce you to Dutch Expat Shop: a big online supermarket, that are specialized in Dutch food. Here you can find all of your favorite Dutch brands, allowing you to eat all your favorite snacks from your home country. Dutch Expat Shop ship worldwide, so you can eat your stroopwafels anywhere you want!

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