3 Essential Equipment Used for Cleaning Driveways

Cleaning your driveway can be a hassle, but it’s something that we must do to keep it safe and clean. Many people don’t think too much about cleaning a concrete driveway, but you’d be surprised by how much better it can look afterward if you have the right tools.

If you aren’t going to hire professional cleaners to do the job for you, then you’ll need special equipment to clean it yourself. We’ve come up with three important pieces of equipment that you’ll need for a sparkling clean driveway.

The importance of cleaning your driveway

So many reasons could make you start cleaning a driveway. Over the years, the concrete gets old and becomes prone to molds. It might also develop small cracks that sprout random weeds or any kind of vegetation. Also, different weather conditions during the year can wear and tear the concrete, which depreciates it even more.

That said, you should consider cleaning and maintaining it because you don’t want to resort to replacing it. Concrete replacement isn’t exactly cheap, so you should avoid getting it depreciated too quickly. On the other hand, cleaning it will restore its former glory!

Surprisingly, cleaning and maintaining your driveway can make the home exterior look so much better and it will definitely increase its value and boost your home’s curb appeal. If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’re more likely to get buyers if the exterior is more appealing.

Moreover, it’s a lot safer to do this from time to time to avoid hazardous incidents in the future. Also, cleaning your driveway helps protect the environment, because you’re constantly getting rid of various pollutants like smoke, algae, fungi, and much more.

Getting your equipment ready

You’re going to need the proper equipment and tools that can help make this task much easier. There should be different versions and features that come with each of them, getting the one that suits your needs depends on your budget, the size of the driveway, and how much cleaning is needed. Here are three tools that can make it a breeze for you:

1. Blower

This is an amazing tool that can help you a great deal in handling things like snow during the winter, saving you a lot of time and money when using it. Advice from BackYardWorkShop suggests that you should get a large blower with a big width if you have a longer or wider driveway; it can make a huge difference in the cleaning process. There are electric kinds as well as ones that run on gasoline, and prices vary depending on the model and motor power. These blowers can also come in handy when blowing off debris or leaves in the way too, which makes the place a little easier on the eyes.

One great thing about these blowers is that they clear a path for walking safely, so you’ll also be keeping everyone safe as well. If you’re having problems with the size of the blower, consider purchasing a smaller handheld version of it for convenience purposes.

2. Weed whacker/whip

You will most likely find a lot of vegetation, weeds, and different plants sprouting randomly from the cracks in the concrete floor. This makes it look very messy, so you need to take care of this before it gets out of hand.

A weed whacker is a great tool that gets rid of any overgrown vegetation. You can also trim the grass on the edges of the concrete to keep it at bay. The tool provides great reach, so you can trim under and around any obstacle.

You can get a corded or cordless weed whacker. The choice depends on how far the nearest electric port is from your driveway, and how much money you are willing to pay for this tool. Most of the models need specific batteries and chargers, so you might want to check if you should buy them separately for affordability.

3. Pressure washer

These machines are perfect for cleaning your driveway thoroughly and take care of any stubborn grime that can’t be cleaned properly with other tools, which is why they’re great at finishing the job.

This tool is a great way to clean every part of the floor quickly without any delays, making it a very powerful piece of equipment to have. You don’t have to worry about any extra damage; these washers are designed to reduce damage risks with their surface cleaning nozzles that spray powerful jets of water.

The choice of the size can be determined in one of two ways: the capacity of your driveway and how much cleaning you are willing to do. If you have a tight space or a very small driveway, using one of the smaller models can be a better choice for you.

What if you don’t want to buy all of these items?

Most people think about different ways to clean that concrete floor without using any of the commonly used tools that make it a breeze.

If you decide that you don’t have the budget for these essentials just yet, all you need is a broom, deck brush, bucket, baking soda, a garden hose and sprayer, dry detergent, sawdust, and a squeegee. It will take a lot of effort and time to do all of this with your bare hands, but it’s a much cheaper alternative if you don’t want to invest in the equipment discussed above. Whichever way you choose to keep your driveway clean, you can still make it spotless and well-maintained.

Having a clean driveway has various benefits other than cleanliness. You could increase your home’s resale value by making the exterior look much more appealing to prospective customers. It will take some time to clean it all thoroughly and deal with the cracks, but you won’t have to do it frequently because the results last for up to two to three years. So if you use the right equipment for this task, you’re going to have the best driveway in the neighborhood.