3 fun facts about lawyers!

Being a lawyer or practice of law is not a baby game. Practising legal law is quite a serious profession. Because it may involve people’s life and matter of death and also depends on the field, you are practising into.

In the jungle and riddle of the jurisdictions, one may require years of practising, training, so much hard work, and a lot of studies to receive the acknowledgement of being a professional lawyer. A lawyer can practice in various disciplines such as real estate law, criminal law, family law, civil law, business law, estate law, and so on. Let’s know 03 fun facts about lawyers which you have not heard before.

Facts About Lawyers and Practice of Law

Although the practice of law and this profession are a serious business to do and have a lot of hard work, it does not mean this business has no quirk about it. Nevertheless, the profession also has a sarcastic and some exciting part of it.

So in this writing, we are going to explore that other sarcastic part of it. And it is always good to explore the positive side where we know there is a lot of negativity around it. There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about this practice and professions which are not always true.

So by reading this writing, you will come to know more about it. So below are given the 3 interesting, fun facts about the lawyer.

1. Numbers of lawyer across the globe

The topmost interesting fact and you will be astonished to know that there are 100 million lawyers across the whole globe. But there is no matter to worry because this number includes fresh graduates and paralegals also.

Furthermore, it is a matter of fact that only in Canada, there are almost 1.3 million lawyers altogether in the 14 provincial and territorial law societies. It is also important to note that only Quebec has approximately 4000 notaries.

And in the public interest, Toronto has almost 11000 independent paralegals. Which is meant this country has one lawyer for every 150 people. Big countries like the US and Brazil also have the same ratio in sharing the lawyers with their people.

2. Many famous personalities have attended law school

This profession is one of the oldest profession from the Ancient Greece period and has a historical origin, apart from that. Surprisingly, a huge number of famous personalities, celebrities, prominent individuals who have gone to a law school? And they also attained a law degree.

Law school helps a lot to great people to fight against the wrong. Among them, some names are needed to be addressed. Such as Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was a student in the department of law at the University of London.

Another most important example is Nelson Mandela. Another great personality who was also studied law. Other great public figures who studied law are Hillary Clinton, Fidel Castro, Michelle Obama, Barack Obama.

Other than these, there are many movie stars, celebrities, and television personality who was a student of law.—for instance, Jeff Cohen, Geraldo Rivera, Jerry Springer, and so on.

3. Lawyers are not money seeker

There are lots of myths and negativity around us regarding the practice of law and about lawyers, which are not always true. A lot of people sometimes think that lawyers seek money all the time, which is not true because there is various kind of situations, circumstances where money does matter but not all the time.

There are many good lawyers out there who do not even take a single penny from their clients. Moreover, there might be a case about personal injury where a lawyer is not paid any money unless the victim gets justice.

Another important fact needs to be addressed, which is, just some decades back, we have very few lawyers all over the globe. This is because people might think that they are bloodsuckers; they only take the money from their client but never help them in terms of winning the case.

And a special thanks to today’s lawyer who breaks these myths and misconceptions with their hard work and determination.

Final thoughts

According to a study, it is said that lawyers are further smarter and more intellectual than any other regular people. And they have their way of communication. Still, these qualities are not that easy to acquire.

Lawyers in their profession are so hardworking and passionate about their business. And this profession is getting more and more popular among the masses nowadays. And hopefully, you have enjoyed the short brief discussion about practising law and lawyers.