3 Great Reasons to Install Wooden Blinds


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that every single choice we make in our house can be an aesthetic one. Take window blinds, for example, most people just want to cover their windows with something. But your choice of material, texture and colours for your blinds can mean everything for the design of your room.

Window blinds can be a focal point of your room all on their own, and in that sense, wooden blinds are completely unbeaten. Wooden blinds in UK homes are a tradition and one that we all should strive to maintain. So let’s go over the main reasons why this style of blinds is so popular to this day,

They are affordable and durable

The cost will always be a factor even if we’d like to pretend otherwise. And the simple fact is that wooden blinds are affordable. A set of wooden blinds can cost £ 50 to £ 80 based on your chosen provider and the design you went with. The next most popular option in the UK are plantation shutters, and those can cost you up to £ 300 per square meter.

So as far as a balance of design and cost goes, wooden blinds are completely unbeatable. They are less than one-third of the cost of shutters and are the next most popular option by far. This means that if you are trying to make the most out of our budget without sacrificing aesthetics there’s no better pick.

On top of that, they are incredibly durable, and a good set of blinds can last you years. This means that you can make your room functional and elegant with a reduced budget and then redirect all the money you saved to another project.

They completely change the look of a room

One of the best parts about blinds is how they completely redefine the look and feel of a room. While windows are first and foremost meant to be functional there’s no denying that they are great at catching your attention. Windows are focus points in any room, both due to the difference in material and the light that peeks through them. This means that your choice of blinds also affects the style of your room.

Wooden blinds offer a classic look all on their own and add so much to the profile of your room. Closing your blinds completely grants you full privacy, but leaving them slightly open broadens the space thanks to the pouring light. Wood is already a material that adds value to any composition, and since blinds are dynamic you have that extra level of design control. That’s something you simply can’t get out of curtains.

They are timeless

Wood is always relevant and it’s always elegant. Tile designs come and go, plastic or viny accessories rarely last. But wood? Wood is always an option.

There’s an undeniable appeal in the material that always feels homely and welcoming. And that means that just a small amount of wood can help make any space feel more cozy and warm. So wooden blinds will always look right, and will always be a great option. Meaning that any investment you do in blinds will last a lifetime.


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