3 Interesting Fact About Funeral Ceremonies


An unfortunate fact of life is that once we are born, we get one day closer to death. There is no way around it and no way to escape the inevitable. However, this article is not here to depress you. It is to blow your mind with three random funeral facts that you may have wondered about for your whole life. The wait is now over. Here are three things you may or may not have to know about funeral ceremonies. Also, prefer a best funeral service in Bristol that provides perfect services.

Funeral Ceremonies Date Back To The Beginning Of Humans

This is true; as long as there have been humans, there have been funeral rites held for those that have passed on. Remain of a burial ground was found that dated back to 60,000BC of a Neanderthal man buried in animal horns and flower fragments, suggesting that his loved ones took the time to hold a funeral ceremony as they placed him in the ground. So next time you are at a funeral and pull out the funeral programs, you can think of how many people have attended a funeral throughout time.

The Biggest Funeral Of All Time Had 15 Million People Attend

If you think you are popular and are going to have a huge funeral, you will need to just double check your math and start reaching out to a few more friends and family as you will need to be able to have almost every person in the state of New York show up for your funeral. Yes, that is correct almost every person in the entire state of New York or to even blow your mind further you would need everyone from Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, Alaska, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Idaho to attend your funeral. So who was the person that was able to get such a turn out to his funeral? His name was C.N Annadurai, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India. He was so beloved by the people once he passed an estimated 15 million people poured into the streets to view his body.

The Largest Cemetery In The World Have Over 5 Million Graves

Iraq holds the record for the largest cemetery in the world. With over 5 million graves, the cemetery covers a little over 2.2 square miles. 2.2 square miles may not sound like much, but 2.2 square miles end up being about 1486 acres. Five million people are laid to rest here, which is about the same number of people living in the country of Ireland. So if for any reason you need to attend a funeral at Wadi al-Salam cemetery, make sure you request a map.

Now you know when funerals started, who had the most prominent funeral attendance on record as well as where you can find the biggest cemetery on earth.

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