3 Interesting Ways To Use Hemp

You’ve almost certainly heard people talking about hemp, and it’s usually within the context of CBD. While hemp-derived CBD is a major point of interest at the moment – rightfully so, given its intriguing attributes – there are actually many other ways in which you can take advantage of the hemp plant.

Our history with hemp is surprisingly complicated. There are records of hemp being used in a number of ways in Ancient China, and records such as these continue to be found over the centuries that followed. After doing a short, questionable stint on the US’s Controlled Substances List, hemp is back and growing popularity at an enormous rate. Here are 3 interesting ways that you can interact with hemp.

1. CBD Products

CBD is a budding industry that only seems to be growing larger each day. In short, it’s a cannabinoid found in abundance within cannabis plants that possesses a number of beneficial effects without causing you to feel intoxicated. Many prominent CBD companies, such as a well established CBD company called CBDfx, are pushing hemp and CBD to their absolute limits, finding new and interesting ways to get the most possible out of the plant.

While CBD can be found in many forms of cannabis plants, products containing the compound only derive it from hemp plants, which can be grown in a way that boosts their levels of CBD while keeping their THC content at a minimum. There’s a CBD product for every occasion, whether you’re looking for a quick, natural snack or a soothing remedy for physical aches pains.

2. Hemp-Based Clothing

Not as many people know about this, but societies spanning over thousands of years have taken advantage of the strength of hemp fibers. These fibers are extremely durable and can easily be woven into other fabrics in order to strengthen your clothing. Even now, you’ll find brands that take hemp and either use it to reinforce other clothing materials or make up the piece of clothing in its entirety. While it might not produce the best looking clothing that you’ve ever seen, it will give you a durable shirt or pair of pants that’s more earth-friendly than most others.

There are other useful objects that you can make with hemp, including bed sheets and blankets. Hemp is even a popular material for making ropes, and during World War II, the US even boosted the production of hemp in order to satisfy the need for durable rope that wouldn’t shred easily when used for wartime activities. If long-lasting products are something that you prioritize, then hemp-based clothing and other objects are perfect for you!

3. Adding Hemp To Food

Many people don’t realize that you can actually consume hemp seeds by themselves to reap their health benefits. Hemp seeds are extremely nutrient-dense, and they contain 10 essential amino acids. Although hemp contains nearly untraceable amounts of THC, their seeds will never make you feel intoxicated, so you and your whole family can feel good about consuming them on a daily basis!

You can add hemp seeds to virtually any meal, since their light flavors won’t disagree with most types of foods. Munch on them along with a bag of other grains, or blend them into a delicious, fruity smoothie; the possibilities are endless! If you feel like you’d rather not consume hemp as a seed but still want the benefits of its nutrient-packed goodness, CBD oils are the perfect solution. These oils contain all the essential nutrients and acids that are found in the hemp plant, and present them in a liquid form that easily blends into all different types of foods!

These are just 3 of the many ways in which you can take the greatest advantage of hemp in your own life. Experimenting with hemp is both fun and forward-thinking; maintaining a life that’s more focused around natural, renewable materials such as hemp will help you and the planet prosper!