3 Items I Always Take Camping

When I go camping, I tend to bring a lot of things. However, what items I bring depends on the type of trip Im taking. For example, I will not bring a giant down coat to a campout when it is 85 degrees outside. But there are a few items I bring to every trip I take. Yes, I need a tent, a sleeping bag, some clothes, and food, but there are a couple of unique items that never leave my pack. Here are three items I always take while camping!


Making coffee when camping is so crucial, yet it can be a real pain to pull off. Thankfully, the Handpresso is there to solve this problem. The Handpresso allows you to have a hand-held espresso press right in your backpack.

The patented design uses water and pressure to cook a coffee pod into your favorite espresso beverages. There is no other way to make hot, fresh espresso deep in the woods or on a backpacking trip.

With this lightweight device, you can save both time and energy as making the coffee is seamless. The Handpresso is compatible with ESE pods and ground coffee. Be sure to check out the Handpresso to get the best espresso the wilderness has to offer!

Dynavap M 2020

If you vape or are in the market for a new smoking device, you will be interested in the Dynavap M 2020. This is a top-of-the-line device that gives you the most bang for your buck.

This electronic vaporizer takes the hassle away from smoking. The design and technology used truly make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the experience. For example, the Dynavap M has a self-controlling temperature feature, so you do not need to worry about overheating or shorting out. This device lets you know when it needs more or less heat.

A big selling point is that there is practically no maintenance required as it is so easy to clean. The device breaks into five pieces with an O-ring between each to create a seal. Simply washing the product every once in a while, will do the trick.

Soto Pocket Torch

Finally, the Soto Pocket Torch is a must-have when camping. Especially when backpacking, having lightweight gear is super important. This is where the Soto Pocket Torch comes into play. You will have an outstanding, windproof lighter that can light campfires, your lightweight cooking stove, and anything else that needs to be lit.

The Soto Pocket Torch creates a powerful torch-style flame that will surely get the job done. Plus, there are advanced safety measures put into place to ensure that the flame will only go in one direction and not shoot back onto your hand. There is even a safety switch to ensure that the device will not go off in your pocket or bag.

Overall, the Soto Pocket Torch is a fantastic tool that will make your life much easier while out on the trails.