3 Major Interior Detailing Tips and Tricks For Your Car


Regular servicing of your new or old car is mandatory for proper maintenance. However, for your information, car detailing is also a thing that enables your vehicle to function for a long. It will improve your car’s overall looks.

Yes, you can obviously do the interior detailing tips by yourself if you have all the necessary equipment, assuming that you have the knowledge of how auto detailing works. However, to take that concern off you, there are many automotive detailing service providers these days.

And since we are talking about car interior detailing tips and hacks, one such service provider is the Auto Detailing Pro. They are one of the best professionals in detailing your automotive to the best. Their services are affordable. And one unique feature of this company is that they provide mobile car detailing owing to the customers’ convenience.

So, if you are looking for car detailing in Whitby, I suggest you get in touch with Auto Detailing Pro. Along with professional car detailing services & interior car cleaning, they also offer value-added services and ceramic coating & paint correction.

Hence, whatever your automotive is, be it pickup trucks, SUVs, Minivan, cars, or even semi-truck and sleepers, interior cleaning and detailing is possible. And several simple hacks exist for the same. I would obviously want to try those tips by myself. However, I lack the necessary materials & products and knowledge to carry on the whole process.

So, the best possible thing that I can do is look for car detailing near me. For instance, I live somewhere in Oakville, then I will look for car detailing in Toronto. They can guide me or just leave the task to the professionals.

Every automotive interior detailing service involves air ejection to remove dust, dirt, & debris and thorough vacuuming. Every possible corner and bends are cleaned with proper equipment and product. Mirrors, windows, and even windshields are rigorously cleaned with scratch-proof kits. Considering all the necessary steps that it includes, you can assume that it is a complex process.

If you do only the standard exterior detailing, the time consumption will be much lower than what it needs to entirely complete an auto interior detailing. Because it requires more types of materials and the car interior has complicated areas to cover.

Now, let’s get right into the critical tips and hacks for interior car detailing without further ado.

Cleaning carpets

The interior of your automotive that accumulates the most mud, dirt, and dust is the carpet. And these carpets are positioned in different ways inside the car that it becomes difficult to clean them perfectly. As an individual, you will find it difficult to clean. But, for professionals, it’s just another carpet of another automotive.

To deep clean the car’s carpet, you can use a high-powered vacuum cleaner along with appropriate cleaning fabric and agents. You can get a hot water extractor, but it will take the carpets some time to fully dry. If you don’t want to use a hot water extractor, you can substitute it using a dry vapor steam machine. Steam cleaning also reduces the adverse effects on the environment due to the use of cleaning chemical agents.

Stubborn marks

Shoe marks or any kind of stains on the car’s vinyl and hard plastic surfaces are relatively easy to clean. But, if those marks are hard to get out, you can just use isopropyl alcohol. Or, another option is to use melamine blocks and foam pad cleaner.

Pet hairs

If you have a pet, you very well know those pet hairs get everywhere in the car. As much as these hairs are stuck at every possible place of the car’s interior, it is also challenging to get rid of pet hairs. You can obviously not remove all of the strands of pet hair by hand. So, you have to use tools or some other device to remove them from carpet fibers.

You can use special rubber gloves, a pumice block, a brush with rubber bristles, or even a rubber sponge for pet hairs. You can also try vacuuming the hairs away. Removing pet hair is generally not included in professional car detailing services. But, if you want them to do, the interior detailing the cost of your vehicle will seemingly increase.

As you have noticed, the interior detailing of the car involves multiple steps. You cannot think as you can perfectly clean everything with regular cleaning. You will need different environment-friendly cleaning agents and tools or devices to successfully complete the operation.


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