3 MLS Signings From British Soil That Didn’t Live Up to Expectations



Major League Soccer is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing leagues in the world of football. Huge investments in America over the last two decades as rapidly popularised not just the league, but soccer as a sport too.

While It’s still one of America’s least supported national sports, Major League Soccer is gathering support further afield. I have been a keen supporting ever since David Beckham (OBE) joined LA Galaxy.

One of the big attractions is the number of goals on average per game. It’s a lot higher than most European Leagues MLS averages around 3.22 goals per game, while the Premier League compares with just 2.57. LA Liga is one of the highest in Europe but still, only reaches 2.74 per game.

Frank Lampard

Lampard joined New York City FC in 2015. Although it created a lot of media interest to the American game, he just couldn’t continue his previous form as that of the Premier League.

Before making the transfer to America he was a Chelsea player, even though he had short spells at Manchester City, he will still a Chelsea man.

One of the best English midfield players to play for the England national squad. Although they massively underachieved at every World Cup and Euro’s, you could never ask for anything more from Frank.

He also scored more goals than 90% of the Premier League strikers. Currently ranked the fifth-highest goals scorer of all time with 177 goals in his Premier League career.

Ranking higher than Theirry Henry who is voted the best Premier League player in history. His IQ level is the highest ever known English player to date.

Again, just like his English counterparts, Frank seemed to be stuck in first gear while playing in the MLS. Was no surprise that it came to a crashing end after just one season in New York.

Wayne Rooney

Washington based DC United signed Wayne Rooney in 2018 which were one of their most exciting and talked about signings in recent years.

England and Manchester United top goalscorer and for many years the hardest worker on the pitch. Covering more distance and miles than any other player, every single week. The best goal I saw him score was the bicycle kick against Manchester City.

I once watched a documentary about several sports Scientist pushing his body to the limit. Everyone all agreed that they had never met anyone like him before.

It’s a real shame he couldn’t replicate his form from previous seasons in the Premier League and lasted just one season at DC United.

David Beckham

LA Galaxy signed David Beckham from Real Madrid in 2007. Easily their biggest signing to date.

Probably the most famous guy of the modern era and one of the best passing players to exist. So much talent and accuracy, the number of free-kicks he put in the goal to save England, Manchester United and Paris St Germain were second to none.

Sometimes he’s not given enough credit due to his highly recognised lifestyle outside of football. I know he was one of the players caught by Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson inside the Kasyno Internetowe. Roy Keane and Rio Ferdinand were alongside David, all receiving disciplinary action from the club.

I think he had an amazing career, one of the best. Playing for Man United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, then, of course, he went to Paris St Germain and his loan spell AC Milan too. I’m sure it would have been Victoria behind the Paris and Milan transfers though.

Although he played for LA Galaxy for five years and out of all the list, he was the most successful. He still massively underachieved comparing to his English Premier League career.

Final Words

It’s a real shame that the above players couldn’t continue their amazing Premier League form in the MLS.

I’m sure there will be more English players to make the journey across the Atlantic who do the same too. We heard from various news outlets that a big attraction for British players is glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and various live roulette tables.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, far from it. It looks like the MLS is improving their youth recruitment among other areas of the league, which is great to see. Discovering new talent is where the long-term success will be found.

The last ten or twenty years have seen some major improvements and I’m sure in the next decade or so, the MLS will become one of the best leagues in the World.

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