3 Movies about Alcoholism that Can Change Your Life


Getting wasted and partying are easily seen as fun. However, things usually begin getting scary when drinking too often becomes a habit and even addictive. This does not affect only those who drink, but also the people in their lives. Excessive drinking comes with many repercussions.

It is difficult to watch someone you love suffer from alcohol addiction and harm themselves. If you are in such a case, you must have wondered or searched for ways to help them stop drinking. Here are 3 movies about alcoholism you must see to change your life if you’re an addict or close to one:

Top 3 Must-Watch Movies on Alcoholism

1. Trainwreck

Trainwreck is an American film about a free-spirited lady and a hard drinker. The lady, Amy Townsend, gets into a serious relationship with a sports doctor. Gordon Townsend, Amy’s father, tells his two daughters, Amy and Kim, that he and their mother are getting divorced because monogamy is not realistic.

Amy becomes an alcoholic and a party girl twenty three years later. She meets Aaron and they begin dating. Amy’s dad dies due to drug overdose. At her dad’s funeral, Aaron tells Amy that he loves her, but she tells him the timing is wrong. Amy and Aaron takes a break in their relationship after an argument.

Amy decides to go out and drink with her co-workers after being hurt. She gets fired and later on makes things right between her and Aaron after telling him they should make their relationship work. Amy is ready to pass through the ups and downs of making alcohol-induced decisions.

2. The Spectacular Now

Sutter Keely is an 18 year old in senior high school. He’s into partying and drinking. His girlfriend, Cassidy, decides to break up with him and then starts going out with her school president, an athletic star. Sutter goes out and gets drunk.

He wakes up in the morning and finds himself in a lawn belonging to Finicky, a girl in his year, whom he doesn’t even know. Sutter joins Finicky in doing paper route. She even tutors him in geometry and learns how smart and funny Finicky is. At graduation, Sutter realizes that he failed and cannot join college.

Cassidy hugs him goodbye and asks him not to pay him a visit as she wants to live a healthy life. He drives home drunk and gets into an argument with her mother. Sutter confirms that his biggest fears are failure and getting hurt. He continues with his college application.

He then follows Finicky to Philadelphia. With the help of Finicky, Sutter starts to come to terms with his alcoholism issue.

3. Smashed

Smashed talks about the life of Kate Hannah, an alcoholic and elementary school teacher. She is also married to an alcoholic. After one night of smoking and drinking, Kate goes to work with hangover and even vomits in front of her children. She then decides to attend meetings that could help her quit drinking.

Kate puts her life back together, but her husband continues with the drinking habit. This is where their marriage begins to suffer. The marital challenges hold her back from being sober.


During early recovery, most people feel they have free time they aren’t sure how to use. Movies can be a good form of entertainment with many lessons to learn. Many movies are inspirational and recovery-oriented and thus ideal for alcoholics looking to change their lives.


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