3 of the best little-known secrets at Glastonbury

With the 2022 Glastonbury Festival in full swing, it’s great to see this event back after a three-year break. Having been a regular feature since 1970, only Covid had the power to disrupt this annual bash. What makes Glastonbury quite so special is the enormity of it. Nowhere else can compare to the sprawling fields all jam-packed with fans and top British bands.

The downside of Glastonbury’s enormity is that it’s easy to miss things. The festival has numerous ‘secrets’ that even regular festivalgoers haven’t yet discovered. If you’d like to clock them the next time that you’re there, then read on.

Why it’s so easy to miss out

Why it’s so easy to miss out

You may be wondering how someone who has been attending Glastonbury for years can possibly fail to have come across everything. Well, if you’ve never attended yourself, that’s a justified thought, but it’s worth bearing in mind that this is a festival with over 100 stages and over 200,000 people attending. In basic terms, it’s huge!

The organiser of Croissant Neuf, Sally Howell, has recently been speaking with Betway. During this conversation, she made clear just how big Glasto really is. Acknowledging that her area is far from the biggest she compares it to “Putting on a mini festival within a festival”. When you look at it like that, it’s easy to understand how things can get missed.

With that being said, let’s take a look at just three of these secrets:

The stone dragon

Something else that Howell refers to in her interview is the process of assembling the areas ready for the festival. It’s astounding to think that near-empty fields are transformed into a city to host so many people over the course of five days. It’s more astounding to think how quickly it’s all dismantled so it appears that nothing ever happened. However, there are one or two permanent features.

Running alongside the shell of the Pyramid Stage is a huge stone dragon. This dragon spouts water and aids the path of a stream.

Hidden tunnel

Not everyone knows of the hidden tunnel at Glastonbury. It runs underneath the old railway line and connects the Greenpeace field with the Green Futures. This tunnel is missed by the majority of festivalgoers. Even those who attend most years.

What’s so great about a hidden tunnel? Well, you’ll find that it’s usually decorated and that the top of it now has glass and lights as a feature. It’s certainly worth a look the next time that you’re there.

The Spike treehouse

As you’d expect of a treehouse, The Spike is nestled away high up in the treetops. It plays host to a range of bands and DJs and is a great location if you’re looking to leave behind the crowds and just chill.

You’ll find The Spike not far from The Glade. Of course, you can come along to relax with your own drink in hand, but you’ll also find that it features its own bar to keep you topped up for even longer!