3 Pillars of a Well-Matched Relationship

The pillars that sustain a relationship differ based on culture, upbringing, and personality type. It is unfair to say certain foundations make things work perfectly. Even worse is the claim that without being open, or nice, a relationship won’t stand. That is far-fetched. There are, however, certain aspects of relationships that need to be on a checklist.

Respect in Relationships

This is the first step in knowing if you are in paradise or making hell. It is important to learn your partner’s worst habits from the get-go. Albeit hard, you can find out if he is a narcissist, perhaps traumatized from the past, or a pervert in the making. When respect is present, ladies you meet turn into wife material instantly. Find these ladies on https://meet-your-love.net/review/asiandate/  and add some spice while eyeing the 3 pillars; to ensure longevity


This openness, or rapport, should be created from the onset. As you meet and flirt with Asian babes, create rapport before the meeting. It is this openness that keeps things stabilized when tensions rise and fall and people become disgruntled. Being open and having dialogue removes chances of emotional cheating. This is when a partner texts and calls other parties to share their innermost, darkest feelings, simply because you do not understand them.

Keep in mind that listening is better than talking – every time. If your partner feels like sharing, allow them to do so. This could lead to knowing things without ever having to ask, which is great for men. We prefer talking less and doing more; let her share as much as possible, and then take notes.


Along with respect comes empathy, a word usually linked to understanding the suffering. Simply put, know when to shut up and walk in your partner’s shoes. She was recently fired from her job meaning she is not in a great mood. This foul mood might not disappear soon, but you can help alleviate the pressure. Focusing on loving one’s partner no matter what is a pillar few relationships are built on. Understanding what they are going through, without judgment, is a powerful trait.

If a partner never understands your struggles and seems to point fingers, the relationship is doomed. Being compassionate comes in handy while both parties are suffering. Incidentally, the greatest pillar is when one partner is suffering, but still has the energy to help their spouse or friend.

Know Thyself

To thyself be true, and understand weaknesses and strengths. Knowing one’s limits helps when dealing with a couple’s challenges. Being proud and arrogant, or too shy to ask for help means my partner should handle these matters. It means knowing who I am can help neutralize many problems. It also facilitates faster growth in relationships.

Being shy isn’t necessarily a weakness in this case, and might help when couples need to avoid embarrassment or ridicule. If one member is shy, the other can take care of ill-treatment from others. When in a family crisis, couples find the strength and courage to apply certain traits for things to work. Only through knowing inner capabilities does this happen.

Bottom Line

These pillars are the tip of the iceberg regarding what keeps a relationship harmonious. There are several ways a relationship can fall apart if other pillars are not in place. For most relationships, respect comes first. This is respect for oneself, and respect for others.

Some couples base their relationships on plans such as family or careers, without caring much about personalities. It is only after getting hitched that dark times arise. These can be avoided if every couple has a list of priorities they deem fit for their union to last.