3 Relaxing Ideas for Your Next Vacation


You’ve put in the hours to justify cashing in some of those paid vacation days, but not all destinations are conducive to the rest and relaxation you so sorely need to escape the day-to-day stresses of life. In order to clear your head, blow off some steam and loosen up, choose your travel itinerary wisely before you pack your bags.

Some of the most relaxing getaways are ones in which you have everything you need to kick back and make the most of your time off. Whether it be a small mountain town or a tropical beach somewhere, use this guide to really get in that rejuvenating time you need to return refreshed and ready to tackle what awaits you at home.

An All-Inclusive Retreat

Much of vacationing is in the details, and if relaxation is your goal, choose a location that requires as little daily planning as possible. An all-inclusive vacation typically includes meals, drinks and entertainment for the duration of your stay, meaning much of the little details of your travel are already taken care of.

From an Antarctica cruise to beachside lodgings, when it comes to an all-inclusive vacation there are two primary options to consider.


If you’d like to travel to multiple locations within one vacation, hop aboard a cruise ship. Cruises feature several restaurants aboard the ship, with options for entertainment and recreation throughout the day. The ships dock at predetermined ports, where you can disembark and explore each micro destination and return to the ship at the end of the day to enjoy unlimited amenities while you’re back at sea.


For a single location, all-inclusive resorts offer complete access to meals and drinks, while often hosting on-location events and entertainment opportunities. While staying at these resorts, you can choose to spend your days poolside or kicking back on private beaches, only leaving the resort to get out to explore the area and not to take care of any basic necessities while on vacation.

A Staycation

Some of the stress of travel is due to a variety of valid worries about leaving important responsibilities behind at home. A vacation in your own backyard allows you to have the best of both worlds, offering you a change of scenery without the stress of being far enough away from home.

Just as there is much to discover at every vacation destination, there is likely an abundance of experiences in your local vicinity that you have yet to experience such as hikes, excursions, museums, spas, historical sights and recreational tours.

For the most relaxing staycation, consider these tips to take advantage of new-to-you local adventures.


A relaxing vacation is possible even without traveling very far at all. Book a stay at a unique or luxurious hotel right in your own town, or even travel just an hour or so away from home to explore nearby towns in your own home state.


If you’d like a more drastic change in your surroundings, look to locations that offer a different pace than what is typical for you. If you reside in the suburbs, book a stay closer to the city or travel to a location in which you’ll be surrounded by the peace and quiet of nature.


A relaxing vacation shouldn’t feel rushed or busy. Choose a few novel adventures available where you live, but don’t get too caught up in the connection and proximity to home. Try to turn off your phone whenever possible, and only book activities that you’re sure to enjoy.

A Remote Destination

A vacation should take you far away from your daily grind, and a destination that allows you to escape all the noise is sure to grant you the relaxing escape you’re after. The farther away from modern conveniences, like internet access and cell service, the better.

For a truly stress-relieving getaway, consider traveling to:

  • A secluded campground
  • A cabin or cottage on a mountainside
  • A national or state park
  • A private beach
  • A small town
  • A yurt or tipi

Vacations should melt your stress away, not contribute to your mental load. With mindful destination consideration, you can get some much-needed time away while wholly clearing your head and recuperating before heading home to get back into the groove with a refreshed headspace

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