3 Shocking Facts About Scooters

A scooter is a tricycle or a bicycle that contains small wheels. Some scooters have pedals, others motors, and some can be pushed with the feet.

There are a variety of scooters. Some of them include

  • Kick scooters.
  • Motor scooters.

In the past, very few producers tried to infuse the off-road abilities on the scooters. This made it hard for the scooters to be used on the adventitious basis. The concept of scooters for adventure was first introduced by Brutus in 2012.

Here are 3 shocking facts about the scooters:

1. Scooters Were First Made By kids

Kids are very creative, especially when it comes to redefining fun. We need to thank the imaginative kids of yesterday for today’s kick scooters. The kick scooters were made when the kids were tired of riding the roller skate.

A wooden plank was attached across the two roller skates which removed the shoe course part. A bigger word was stuck vertically at the tip of the wooden plank. A prototype was made in the kick scooter. The scooters for adventure were discovered later since initially scooters were built for fun.  You also check out some awesome scooter for toddler at BabyGearsLab.com.

2. Scooters Were First Used For Transport By Amelia Earhart.

Scooters were one of the iconic transport, which was used by one of the iconic women. Amelia Earhart, who was an aviator was the first woman to cross the Atlantic ocean. She decided to use the scooter for adventure other than taking a flight.

A printed picture of Amelia which was published in the year 1930s in it there was a caption that no one will ever walk in future. It was predicted that kick scooters shall be highly used as a means of transport. Amelia used the scooter around the airport and to different places which was more faster. She also gave lessons to her aboard students. She also taught her students to understand how things worked to take advantage of each of them.

3. The Modern Kick Scooters Was Made From Switzerland

The modern scooter was made in the year 1990 in Switzerland. Wim Ouboter who was a former banker in Zurich, spend a period of not less than ten years to come up with the modern kick scooter. Wim began to like the kid’s wooden ancient version by use of the two skates. His sister had a problem with legs so the scooters were not something new to him. His sister had no exciting rides like skis and bikes since she had a longer leg than the other one.

He made sure that he struggled to come up with the modern scooter that would be used by both people who had the disability and those who did not have. He came up with the Eureka moment that included his thoughts on the distance of his favorite sausage shop which was too far when he walked and too short when he used the scooter for adventure and there was no option for Adults Commuting.

The three shocking facts about the scooters will now give some new light to the riders and those who didn’t know. Scooters can be used to serve many purposes. They can be used for transportation, for adventure, and can also be used by people who have low stamina among others. Scooters are widely used in the present generation for fast movement from one place to another. Scooters are affordable hence you got all the reasons to own one. The list above of the unbelievable facts will help you learn more about the facts on scooters.