3 Survival Tips To Avoid Scams In Thailand As A Traveler


If Thailand is your next travel destination, you’re certainly going to have a lot of fun in this unique corner of Asia. Thailand is currently one of the topmost chosen vacation targets by thousands of travelers every year.

Let’s Move Beyond Thailand’s Bad Reputation

Despite the great reputation Thailand can boast to be one of the world’s most charming places to visit, several stories are circulating about nightlife debauchery, scams from taxi drivers on foreign travelers, and more. Of course, all these stories give their heavy contribution to make Thailand appear as a dangerous and scary place to be in.

There are even stories about murders in the environment of illegal gambling for cheating on games or so. Probably, the illegal gambling side of Thailand is one of the easiest things to avoid for either locals and foreign tourists. You can always join an online casino (make sure it’s verified and licensed) and enjoy live tournaments or any other game that you like. If you like battleground games with unknown players from all edges of the world, read more about Asian Champion of PUBG Mobile 2020 at thaibets365.com and find your favorite team.

As you can see, you can always avoid any situations that might take you to unpleasant consequences. It all depends on how skilled you are in knowing when and how to avoid them. For the rest, Thailand is and will always stay a beautiful and breath-taking place, where you can enjoy postcard-perfect beaches, gold-shining temples, and a wealthy culture ranging from traditional dances to local foods.

Learn How To Avoid The Most Typical Dangers

Don’t let bad stories about Thailand scary you that much. After all, is your country 100% safe from crime? A minimal presence of crime and violence exists everywhere in this world. What makes the difference in your awareness and knowledge of such dangers. Once you know what is a danger for you, you can also avoid it. That’s exactly what we want you to learn about Thailand. We’ll show you a few most common dangers and how you can avoid them to stay safe and enjoy your travel through the country.

1. Places every traveler should avoid

Places every traveler should avoid

If you are new to Thailand and you have nobody who can teach you something about the local culture and safety conditions, you’d better be careful when picking the location where you want to book a hotel room or any other kind of accommodation. First of all, avoid Khao San Road in Bangkok. It’s a road where you can find many cheap hotels. Watch out because those are mostly dirty accommodations, oftentimes packed with prostitution and crime. Bangkok offers many 5-star hotels for decent accommodations, so you should look into other areas of the city like Sukhumvit and Siam Square where you can find convenient alternatives. In Phra Khanong and Soi Ngam Dupli, you can even make good deals with better traveler-friendly accommodations.

2. When taking a taxi

In Thailand, you can bargain prices and rates at almost all levels, so taxi drivers are included. However, if you want to avoid them taking advantage of you only because you are a foreign tourist, insist on using the meter. Taxi drivers can’t refuse, but if you are unlucky and the taxi driver does, you are free to pick another one. Consider that there are taxi rental services in Thailand like UBER, so you can rent a taxi for the day and negotiate an upfront rate with the driver. If you want to use this service, you must have data on your cell phone. Finally, if you want to avoid taxis, you can consider a private car charter service for the day.

3. Entertainments


You surely want to have a lot of fun. Well, keep in mind that you should avoid Ping Pong Shows as these are sex shows in skid rows in Bangkok. Usually, foreign people are scammed on the upstairs of local bars and not being allowed to go until they pay a generous bill. Instead of ending up discussing with bar managers in the worst skid rows, choose one of the most charming traditional shows with talented artists and dancers. It’s safe, culturally elevating, and it will satisfy your will to learn more about local costumes and folklore.

Finally, when shopping in markets, keep in mind to start bargaining (it’s always allowed to bargain) at about 50% of the price you are offered by the seller for the item that you want to buy. To be smart, check the average price of that specific item at different sellers’, just to get a clue of how much it costs and how much you can ask for a discount.


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