3 things every website needs


So you’ve picked a catchy domain name, gotten hosting, and chosen a content management system. You’ve laid the groundwork for creating a great website. But what comes next? Making a website can be daunting, especially when there are endless possibilities. To help guide you, here are three things you’ll need to implement for a great website that keeps users coming back.

1. The security basics

Why not get security out of the way first so you can focus on creating the rest of your site? First off, you need an SSL. Whether you choose a Namecheap SSL or something more pricey, these digital certificates protect your users’ data from being intercepted by malicious actors. But SSL isn’t all you need for a secure website. You also need to consider malware, malicious traffic, dodgy bots, and even regularly backing up your site to ensure that if anything does happen, you’ll be able to get your site back up and running in no time. To do this, look into firewalls, security plugins, and website malware scanners. Whatever your budget, you’re sure to find something that works for you.

2. User-friendly design

What good is a website if users can’t find their way around it easily? Whatever your website is for, you must ensure the interface makes sense and is intuitive to all users. This typically means having a clutter-free homepage and a simple menu that features only what is necessary. If you clutter your menu, you risk overwhelming your users, and they might not take the steps you want them to. Avoid this by using simple navigation with clear labels. Reduce the need for too many menu options by splitting them into categories. 

3. Targeted content

If you’ve already made it this far, you probably already have a niche in mind for your website. Stick to that niche, and don’t be tempted to branch out. It will just confuse the user, and they’ll likely leave your site. For instance, if you’re launching a website to sell women’s clothing, don’t start writing blog posts about bird watching or whatever your hobby is right now. You need to keep things relevant and consistent across the board. Write posts that will appeal to whoever you’re selling too—for example, fashion. And be sure to do SEO keyword research so you can hone in on what your target users are looking for.

Wrap up

There are many considerations and directions you can take when starting a website. Like all things, just take it one step at a time to prevent overwhelm. By Following the steps above, you should be able to create a site that both attracts users and keeps them safe. 

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