3 Tips to look impeccable for the big day


Every bride and groom wants to look and feel their best on the day of their wedding. Many even change their lifestyle in order to look their best. Some get into exercise and change their diet. Others go to the dermatologist to obtain help in getting their skin to appear bright and beautiful and blemish-free. Some even get their teeth whitened.

All the effort and money spent becomes worth it after you see how radiant you look at your wedding pictures. Aside from those mentioned above, here are more tips you can follow in order to look perfect on your wedding day.

1. Invest in quality wedding gown and suit

Of course, the bride and the groom are the stars of this day. All eyes will be on you and your significant other so you want to make sure that what your wearing looks perfect on you. When looking for your wedding gowns or wedding suits, you want to start by researching what type will look best on you. It’s understandable that you will spend a lot of time looking for the perfect style. You don’t need to buy the first gown or suit that you find. You can also get feedback from your friends or entourage before you make your decision.

2. Do a trial makeup and hair before the big day

Don’t gamble on what you will look like on the day of the wedding. Don’t just go on Pinterest and show some pictures to the hairdresser and makeup artist you chose. Something that looks good on a picture or on someone else might not necessarily look good for you. What you need to do is get some trial hair and makeup first so that you will have an idea on what look you should go for on the day of your wedding. Some brides actually base their decision to hire someone for hair and makeup on what the trial makeup and hair looked on them.

3. Plan everything ahead of time for less stress

One of the best things that will help you look the best on your wedding day is to be stress-free. When you are stressed, it will definitely show on how you look, from your hair, your skin, or just your whole aura. In order to not be stressed on the big day, you need to plan accordingly. This will be easy if you decide to hire a wedding planner. They can run all the errands and just present you with ideas to choose from. But if you are doing the planning yourself, the key is time. Don’t rush the wedding planning. Write a timetable of tasks you need to accomplish. To make it easier, you can ask for the help of your close friends, especially in the last couple of weeks before the wedding. Hand over the list of tasks to them so that all you have to focus on in those last days is to just relax and look your best.

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