3 Tips to taking care of your miter saw


Miter saws are among the most valuable tools in the craft and wood industry. Due to its popularity, you are likely to find a miter saw in every woodshop or garage. When buying this type of a tool, make sure that you check the miter saw judge for reviews. If you already own one, you need to clean and maintain your equipment for it deliver quality cuts. Moreover, a well-maintained miter saw tends to last longer than anticipated. Cleaning and maintaining your miter saw is not a challenging task. Make it a habit, and you will find it easy to take care of your tools for years. Here are three tips to taking care of your miter saw.

Remove Debris

Miter saws will always collect debris and dust particle as you work. You have to remove this dirt at the end of every workday. You can use compressed air to blow off the dust on the surface of your miter saw. Pay extra attention to the moving parts of the tool, and make sure that no dust particle is left. After blowing off the dust, use a clean and dry cloth to clean the device so that it looks new. You should also extend your cleaning to the exterior parts of the saw. Use scotch-bright pad on your cutting table and fence. You can find a scotch-pad at your local hardware shop. Include a cleaning agent and a circular motion when cleaning your table and fence. If you find caked particles, apply some force when washing.

Sharpen the Blade

The functionality of your miter saw depends on the blades. Sharp blades will produce a quality cut within a short period. As such, it is vital to clean and sharpen your blades. You should take care when removing debris from the blades because you can easily cut yourself. Instead of using your bare hands, look for a brush or wear thick gloves. After removing the debris, apply some cutting oil on the surface of the blade. Use a circular motion when applying the cutting oil. If you realize that the blades are blunt, sharpen them using the right sharpening tools. In case you do not know how to sharpen, consider asking for help.


Always examine your brushes for wear and tear. If you want to maintain the tool’s performance, the brushes have to be healthy. If you know the condition of your brushes, you can tell when your device has an issue and how to diagnose the problem. You also need to check your power cables for frays or cracks. Defective cords will prevent power from reaching your tool. Such wires are also hazardous since they can electrocute you. In addition, if you use an extension cord, make sure you have the shortest size. Remember to lubricate every moving part based on the frequency of your usage.

Miter saws are powerful tools and their sturdiness, accuracy, and portability make them useful to many workers. Use these maintenance tips to extend the life and performance of your miter saw.  

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