3 Top Ways to get Insurance to Cover a Breast Reduction in Gilbert, AZ


Many women desire to have larger breasts. They often go to the cosmetic surgeon in order to have their breasts look larger. But there are also women who feel the opposite. These are women who feel uncomfortable because their breast sizes are too large. Sometimes, it’s not just discomfort they feel, but actual physical and emotional health problems.

This condition is known as macromastia, or the abnormal enlargement of your breasts. For women who experience this, a reduction mammoplasty can be a solution to their problem. Now, the question is whether this medical procedure can actually be covered by your medical insurance. Keep reading for ways on how to get your breast reduction in Gilbert to be covered by insurance.

1. If you have consistently gone to a chiropractor, make sure to keep proof  

One of the symptoms you might have is that your back or shoulders or even your neck. Because of this, you might have gone to a chiropractor in order to get some type of relief from the pain. Make sure to keep the receipt of your visit to the chiropractor. You can use them as proof in order to show that your reason for wanting to get a breast reduction is not for cosmetic reasons but to improve your quality of life.

2. Take note of your symptoms and check the inclusion of your insurance

You need to understand that insurance companies are not averse to breast reduction surgery. But it is unlikely that they will pay for it if your reason is not medical. That’s because most breast surgery is for cosmetic reasons. So you need to prove that your reason for wanting the breast reduction surgery is because it is to remedy your medical condition. It would be helpful if you could write down the symptoms you are experiencing. Some of the most common results of this condition include back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. Some are also having problems in getting the right posture due to the weight of their breasts. Others also get skin irritation on the underside of the breasts. If you are experiencing these symptoms, make sure to write them down so that you can tell the doctor during your consultation.

3. Consult with a general surgeon and get a letter of recommendation from them

You cannot just present your symptoms to the insurance company and expect that your breast reduction surgery will be covered. The best evidence you can give is a letter of recommendation from the surgeon that getting this surgery will greatly relieve your condition. Go to the doctor for a consult. When they ask you about your medical history, present the symptoms that you took note of. Make sure to go through all the tests as these claims must be backed my medical tests and reports. Your doctor will be able to give a letter of recommendation detailing how getting a breast reduction surgery can help you.


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