3 Ways to Naturally Treat a Hangover


Unless you’re among the lucky 25% to 35% of drinkers who appear to be resistant to hangovers, you might have first-hand experience of the symptoms that can follow excessive drinking. 

You may wish to enjoy some drinks when spending more time with family, friends, and colleagues during the holidays. If, after one too many drinks, you have a hangover, what next? 

Hangovers usually last around 24 hours. If you don’t want to wait an entire day to resolve issues like body aches, excessive thirst, and vomiting, you’ll need to take proactive measures.

Keep reading for three ways to beat hangover symptoms naturally and get back to normal.

1. Green Tea

One option is to drink some green tea to alleviate a splitting headache caused by a hangover. Green tea includes an amino acid known as L-Theanine. It produces brain-calming benefits that trigger the creation of alpha waves. So, drinking green tea can calm nausea and dizziness.

Another way to enjoy the benefits of green tea is to combine it with the benefits of apple cider vinegar. You can substitute water for apple cider vinegar when making your green tea.  Apple cider vinegar has a natural diuretic effect that can address fluid retention issues triggered by hangovers. It can also help you achieve better blood sugar levels if your blood sugar level is out of whack after drinking too much alcohol.

It makes sense to have green tea and apple cider vinegar on hand since they offer many health benefits. And the health benefits extend beyond treating hangover symptoms. 

2. Protein Shake

A protein shake can help get you back on your feet soon after a hangover. You’ll want a blender to create a shake or smoothie. Use milk, frozen or fresh fruit, and some protein. There’s flexibility as per the protein source. Whether you use some cottage cheese, low-sugar yogurt, or protein powder, you’ll need a protein source in your shake. Your body will get what it needs to fight hangover symptoms — protein, fluid, and electrolytes. 

A protein shake tastes much better than green tea with apple cider vinegar. So, if you want a more palatable way to nip hangover symptoms in the bud, consider a protein shake.

3. Exercise

If you have a migraine, you won’t feel like exercising. But a little physical activity can go a long way toward dealing with hangover symptoms. No, you don’t need to get on an exercise bike or treadmill. Something as simple as walking briskly around your home or up and down your hallway will boost circulation and increase blood flow and oxygen to your muscles and brain. 

You’ll want to be mindful of what you do and how much you do. If you’re feeling tipsy or your body aches to the point where physical activity isn’t possible, try to get moving in a way that isn’t as difficult. You can also skip the exercise and make some green tea and follow it up with a protein smoothie before getting some sleep.

These are some natural remedies you can try if you drink more than you should and get a hangover. Again, the holiday season is upon us, and that might mean parties with celebrations, food, and drinks. If you’re going to drink alcohol, remember to exercise moderation. Otherwise, you might get yourself into more trouble than it’s worth. If you err by getting behind the wheel after drinking, call a criminal defense lawyer experienced in helping clients fight DUI charges.

Even if not impaired, you should avoid saying too much to the police until speaking to a lawyer. A lawyer will advise and represent you to achieve the best possible outcome. While a hangover is nothing to sneeze at, a DUI charge is much worse. So, getting help is essential.

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