350 Legend Ammo – An Excellent Choice For Hunting Deer


350 Legend Ammo is a metallic cartridge for rifle use that’s been specifically designed for hunters of whitetail deer in those states that restrict you to using straight wall or slug firing shot-shells.

Iowa, Pennsylvania and Ohio are amongst the states in the US that have previously limited deer hunters to using buck-shot shotguns and slugs. However, they’ve now legalized certain metallic straight-wall cartridges for hunting deer.

The Benefits of Straight-Wall Cartridges

The benefits of using 350 Legend Ammo for deer hunting over shot shells are numerous, with the biggest one being accuracy. When the temperature changes, it can have a big effect on the flexibility of plastic and the vast majority of slugs use plastic sabots and hulls.

The issue with this is that it can get up into the 80s during the later parts of Summer, which can result in major shifts in the point of impact. Colder weather can also have a slowing effect on velocity with plastic shells, however, this is not an issue when talking about straight-wall cartridges.

Ethical hunters only want quick, clean kills, so the drop in accuracy that plastic shells can cause really do go against that, as the shooter is at the mercy of the prevailing elements.

The Thinking Behind Restrictions

The logic behind states restricting hunters to using just shotguns for deer hunting is that it’s thought that bigger, more ponderous bullets aren’t able to go as far as aerodynamic, high-speed rifle rounds and therefore present a lower threat in areas that have denser populations.

The veracity of this standpoint is debatable, however, it’s still widely believed. Authorities have allowed rounds like 350 legend ammo to be used in this sphere, as they have larger diameters and as such, only move through the air at a modest velocity.

It is a change that will certainly delight deer hunters in the relevant states, as they’re now able to move to metallic rifle cartridges that offer a much more consistent performance – regardless of the prevailing conditions.

Other Benefits That Come With Using 350 Legend Ammo

The ability to achieve cleaner kills that come with using straight-walled metallic cartridges is not the only advantage to using them. Additionally, they’re a more cost-effective option, offer much less in the way of recoil and they allow hunters to use firearms that are much sleeker than their shotgun counterparts.

A Superior Choice Whichever Way It’s Sliced

So, as we can see, if you’re a keen deer hunter, the differences between slugs and straight-walled cartridges are plain to see. They not only represent a more humane choice for hunting animals, but they’re also straight-up more accurate and able to deliver a more consistent performance.

When it comes to high quality of this type, we’d recommend going for a higher quality brand like those we’ve mentioned. Created by Winchester Ammunition – a company with a long and proud history, you can take them out with you knowing that you’re getting great value.

Of course, there are a lot of variables that come into play when you’re hunting, but if you get the basics right, like the most appropriate ammo, you’ll get the results and the performance you’re looking for.



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