4 Benefits to purchasing tanning software


A salon tanning software program is a beneficial tool for every salon looking at growing and expanding its business. There is a lot that can be handled and tracked using the software program and you can keep track of a lot of salon operations without having to worry about missing appointments. 

It enables you to have everything in one place for your clients including appointment times, provider schedules, sales and even helps you keep track of your employees. The simplicity of the software makes it an ideal and efficient tool in the smooth running of your salon. Here are 4 benefits to purchasing tanning software for your salon.

Automated tasks

On busy seasons and days it is normally difficult to keep track of appointments and employee schedules, but with the tanning software you can automate the system and perform tasks faster. Clients can easily check in and out and you can also generate reports from the visits made to the spa or salon.

With an automated system, you can offer the best customer service to your clients making them more confident in your services which in turn ensure that you have loyal clients. This also saves you time and money otherwise spent trying to record, tally and maintain employee payments and financial statements.

All in one system

The tanning software simplifies a lot of activities within your salon, spa or service company. With highly advanced integrated features in the software, you can run your salon comfortably and handle things like appointments without missing out on any clients.

Additional features like the capability of monitoring your inventory and accounts allow you to keep tabs on your stock, what’s missing and how much you earn from your business. You can also use the integrated features for employee payroll, making it easier to attend to your employees.

Professional services

Nothing pleases a client like compared to receiving the best professional customer service from a service provider who knows and understands how their business operates. The tanning software allows you to schedule your employees according to the services that they have expertise in where lessening any chances of a client getting disappointed.

With the software, you will always know which rooms and employees are available to attend to waiting clients and ensure that you provide your clients with the best services. It also allows you to confirm appointments that have been scheduled and confirm them fast. This way you get to attend to clients that need your services fast and urgently preventing them from going to another salon.

Increases productivity

The ability of the software to automatically monitor and schedule appointments creates a smooth flow of tasks, a fast and easy way to generate monthly reports and financial statements among other activities which enable you to attend to all your clients faster. This enables you to attend to more clients, generating you more income.

Purchase the SalonTouch Studio and experience firsthand what the tanning software has to offer. Having the tanning software is a great investment for your business not only for the smooth running of operations but also for the best customer service. This increases your client list and ensures that your business grows.

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