4 Best Tips on How to Choose the Best Exterior Colour Paint for Your Home

The exterior colour of your house speaks volume about your lifestyle and it has the potential to boost your home’s look. So you need to be cautious when choosing an exterior colour for your house because it isn’t about going to the paint stores and buy whatever you come across.

There are things you need to look at that enable you to come up with the best exterior colour paint for your home.

Here are 4 best tips on how to choose the best exterior colour paint for your home;

1. Pick Your Shade

You have to first determine the colour shade you want for your exterior paint. Do you want a dark, mid-tone or light colour shade on the exterior body of your home? It can be an instant decision if you already know what type of shade you want.

But if you are not sure of the shade you need then you can look for inspiration and ideas elsewhere. Best of all, your ideal painting company can help you with advice on the right shade as it has a lot of experience in the field.

2. Consider Your Accent and Roof Colours

You need to consider the colour of your roof before picking a given colour paint. This helps you to prevent colour crashing. If your roof is neutral grey or black, you can use any colour you choose but if your roof has green, blue grey, tan, red undertones, then you need to be careful when choosing your exterior paint colour.

You have to avoid colour crashing by choosing either a neutral colour or using a colour that has a hint of your roof colour to blend it and make your house painting project a success.

3. Sample the Colour Paint

To be on the safe side, after picking your desired colour paint, then you need to first sample it on some parts of your house before applying it to the entire home. Pick a particular wall on your house and test it with the paint.

This gives you a clear picture of what to expect after painting the whole house. If it looks great, you can continue and paint the whole house but if it doesn’t look fine then you can opt for another colour. 

Best of all, most paint stores sell paint in different volumes so you can buy a smaller size for testing which saves you from wasting.

4. Less Is Better

When choosing colour paint for the exterior of your house, it doesn’t have to be too much. You need to choose a few colours not more than 2 or 3 that will beautifully blend and give you the best results.

Fewer colours help your home’s architectural detail to stand out because if you use many colours then the whole design will be unnecessarily crowded.

Choose the Best Exterior Colour Paint

To succeed in your exterior house painting project, you need to use the right paint so embrace the above tips and choose the best.