4 Best Ways to Deal with “Maskne”


To keep everyone safe, we all have to do our part and wear our facemasks out in public. While it is a small price to pay in the big scheme of things, some side effects are rather frustrating to deal with daily. Today, we will be discussing ways to deal with the dreaded “maskne.”

Maskne is any acne that has formed on your cheeks or chin due to wearing your facemask. This acne occurs for many reasons, and it is no wonder that so many people are dealing with these new breakouts.

To help you calm down some of those breakouts, we have created a list of things you can try to combat the issue! Let’s get started.

1. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are taking the world of skincare by storm. There are many reasons why these peels may be useful, but acne is one of the leading reasons.

Indeed, lactic acid peels are great for dry skin and can make a massive difference in the appearance and development of acne.

These peels work by safely removing the outer layer of skin, helping to clear pores blocked or irritated by bacteria or pollutants found in your facemask.

Chemical peels are safe, but you should use them sparingly and only after you have spoken with a professional!

2. Facial Masks and Moisturizers

By adding some hydrating facial masks and moisturizers into your routine, you are going to notice some significant improvements in your skin!

Wearing a mask all the time is causing our skin’s complexion to change. Whether you have oily or dry skin, there is a rejuvenating facial mask out there for you.

Besides masks, you may want to bulk up your moisturizing routine. It will help your skin to recover after long hours spent behind a mask.

Believe us; small changes can make a huge difference and may even eliminate some maskne in the process!

3. Heightened Skincare Routine

With no real end in sight, we have to do what we can to take extra care of our skin. Whenever you take off your mask for the day, it is vital that you wash your face as soon as possible!

Washing your face will help remove toxins from your skin and combat the spread of more acne.

Additionally, it will help your skin to feel healthy and refreshed after a long day of not having fresh air.

4. Routine Mask Washing

Experiment with some new skincare products is one way to combat maskne. There are also other things you can do that make a world of difference.

You must wash your masks regularly! In truth, you should be wearing them once and then washing them immediately. The routine washing will ensure that you are not having days-old bacteria touching your face.

If your acne has been acting up, try and purchase a few extra masks. Keep them on hand so that you don’t have to re-wear the same one every day!

Note: Handwashing your facemask with your daily face wash is the best way to go! This way, your skin won’t get exposed to new chemicals or detergents that may cause extra irritation. Use warm water and a couple of pumps of your facewash, and you will be good to go!


As we all get used to this new reality, we have to learn as we go. Maskne is a genuine issue and one that can get in the way of our confidence.

Try out a couple of these ideas and see if any of them help to reduce your acne until we can all kiss those facemasks goodbye!

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