4 Career Advantages For Nursing Practitioners

For many nurses, the ability to provide treatment plans and ongoing care to their patients is an attractive benefit of choosing to be a Nurse Practitioner. Being able to work with patients just like doctors do and have the same access to treatment authority can be a really big benefit of making this choice. This is one of the most important jobs within the medical community, and there are so many reasons that patients benefit from being treated by nurse practitioners.

There are also some key benefits for nurses that can be accessed by selecting this career path. While it might seem like being able to treat your own patients without oversight is the key benefit, there are also others that you might not have considered. Nurse practitioners can enjoy quite a few key benefits from making this career choice, and treating their own patients is just one of these benefits.

If you are ready to learn some more about the career advantages enjoyed by a certified registered nurse anesthetist, you need to read on!

Career Advantages For Nursing Practitioners

1. Better Income

Career Advantages For Nursing Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners are better paid than regular nurses because they offer complete patient care from start to finish. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can expect to make $117,000 per year as a nurse practitioner. When you consider that you will not need to put in as many school hours as a doctor, this bump in pay can be very motivating.

For many nurses, the move to nursing practitioner is more about providing the kind of patient care that they wish to deliver. However, making more money is probably one of the key benefits that you will receive from making this move. Being able to grow in your career is always beneficial, and increasing your earning power is even better.

2. Improved Work Hours

Nursing is notorious as a profession for being full of long hours, odd shift times, and hard work for days at a time. This can lead to burnout, and many nurses find that the scheduling of their shifts and the long work hours are the main things that they wish they could change about being a nurse. This is one of the key benefits of choosing to advance your education and become a nurse practitioner.

Nurse practitioners almost always work in clinic locations, and they almost always work set hours. This means that you can finally access the eight to five work schedules that you have always dreamed of. While there are some regular nurses that also work these hours in clinic settings, they will typically still have a lot of additional hours logged for catching up on things that were left until the end of the business day. As a nurse practitioner, you will have far more control over your vacation time, your personal time, and your work hours, which can be a really big benefit due to making this choice.

3. Choosing a Specialty

Choosing a Specialty

Nurses as a whole are asked to know how to do many different jobs. Working in busy hospital locations might demand that nurses know how to handle all levels of patient care and that they be experienced in a wide array of care techniques. This can lead to stress and burnout, as well as chaotic working conditions and the need for retraining from time to time.

For nurses who want to be able to focus on a specific area of nursing, being a nurse practitioner is the right solution. You will be able to choose which part of medicine or which specialty you want to work in when you are a nurse practitioner. You could be a family medicine NP, an OB-GYN NP, and more. This can make your job much more rewarding if this has been a stumbling block related to your prior nursing experiences.

4. Access to Telehealth Jobs

The rise of telehealth due to the pandemic has made lasting and important changes to the healthcare reality. There are many kinds of small health concerns that can be addressed readily without an in-office visit, and patients are always relieved not to have to pack up all their children and bring them in for one child to be seen by a doctor. This has been a key improvement to the healthcare reality due to the pandemic, and it is one that can offer you a career path that might be a great fit for your needs.

For nurse practitioners who have their own small children at home or who are worried about exposure to illnesses due to their own health, telehealth jobs can be a godsend. If you feel comfortable diagnosing patients without seeing them in person and you are comfortable with technology, you can enjoy a flexible and comfortable working experience in the comfort of your own home. Without being a nurse practitioner, you would not be able to access this kind of remote job.

Nurse Practitioners Enjoy Rewarding Careers

Nurse practitioners are one of the most important links in the patient care chain. They provide the kind of care that doctors typically provide, and they are able to focus on a specialty or niche of care just like a physician as well. Being able to see your own patients is typically a key benefit to selecting this part of the nursing field, but nurse practitioners also earn more money and enjoy more flexibility in the kinds of jobs that they can secure.

Nurse practitioners can even access remote working opportunities like telehealthcare, and they have the chance to advance into management and other more senior roles if they wish as well. Getting an advanced degree in nursing can offer you the chance to have the freedom that nurse practitioners do, and you will be able to direct your career in very specific directions with this degree in hand. Caring for patients of your own is very rewarding and can make your career much more fulfilling as well.