4 Consequences of Not Cleaning Your Gutters


Clean gutters are essential for the well-being of the home and the people living in it. They channelize the rainwater flow to shield walls, roof, landscape, and the home foundation. Though tempting to skip this activity, it is essential to avoid issues that can arise due to unclean gutters.

Why use a Professional?

To ensure it is done right, as well as freeing up your time, hand over this task to a trusted professional for regular and appropriate cleaning. With the right expertise, you can keep the gutters clean and risks associated with unclean gutters at bay.  You can also consider adding gutter guards as well.

If your existing gutters have cracks or are the end of their lifespan, an expert will recommend new gutters. Choose Next Wave Roofing’ gutter installation in Colorado for prompt installation from a team that takes this job seriously.

Let’s look at four consequences of not doing gutter cleaning:

1. Damage to the Basement

Clogged gutters result in water clogging. The water overflows into the sides and gets into the home through the cracks. This issue eventually leads to water into the basement. The outcome is damage to the foundation and electrical problems due to water flooding.

The building foundation can crack because of the softening of soil, both underneath and surrounding the house. Heaving occurs due to the freezing of the wet foundation, and structural failure can result in this situation.

The basement walls infiltrate due to water accumulation within, leading to water damage, black mold, flooding, and smells in the basement. Furthermore, the building appeal is lost.

2. Leaking Roof

Roof rot, water damage, ceiling damage, and shingles break can happen due to a leaking roof. It eventually becomes an expensive task to fix the roof. Snow and heavy rains can put your roof at risk for ice dams when melting snow remaining refreezes.

If the problem is not fixed right away, a roof replacement situation may be necessary, which is very costly. The worst thing is that few home insurance policies cover these damages.

The wood also rots due to moisture and become entry points for rodents. Improper draining gutters result in wall and ceiling leaks along with attic moisture that is not good for your home or your family.

3. Driveway Problems

When gutters get clogged, extra water overflows to the sides and into the driveways. The water gets loaded into the driveways, eventually cracking the path.

If this water freezes, there are high chances that the people slip and fall. The frozen water makes it difficult to walk and can harm you or your family members.

4. Infestation of Insects

Clogged gutters and standing water in them can result in an insect infestation. That’s because the wet leaves and stagnant water attract insects and bugs, such as earwigs and mosquitoes.

Furthermore, termites can enter your house. The reality is that unclean gutters attract damaging pests. Avoiding this hassle can be as simple as hiring an expert to clean or install new gutters.


There are severe consequences of an unclean gutter to your home and people living in it. Roof leakage, damage to the basement, driveway issues, and insect infestation are some of the primary problems of an unclean gutter. Cleaning the gutters and replacing them when needed is part of maintaining a clean and healthy home.

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