4 Cool Travel App Ideas for Your Startup in 2023


In 2020 and 2021, the travel and tourism industry experienced definitely not the best period in its history. The coronavirus pandemic with all the introduced restrictive measures became a serious obstacle for businesses and tourists. However, already in 2022, the industry received a new push, and a lot of travel companies, such as Booking Holdings, managed to return to the pre-pandemic levels and even achieved new highs in their revenue.

That’s why, given the boosted interest in tourism services from the side of customers,  if you are considering the possibility to launch your own travel mobile solution, right now it can be a very appropriate time period for doing it. And we hope that some of the ideas that we are going to share in this article will inspire you to create your own unique software product.

Ticket booking app

The times when people needed to go to ticket offices when they were planning their trips are already in the past. Now, we are accustomed to doing everything online. And the less time we will spend on it – the better. Flight booking app development can be a good option today. Despite the fact that similar solutions already exist, you can enrich your app with a unique set of features that will become your competitive advantage.

Intuitively clear navigation, a wide range of payment methods available, AI-powered recommendations, a loyalty program, as well as a personalized route planner can be exactly what you need to make your app highly successful in the nearest future.

Hotel booking solution

Though package tours are still rather popular today, more and more people prefer to plan their journeys on their own. Of course, there are two main things to think about: tickets and accommodation. And as well as in the case of tickets, the process of booking hotel rooms doesn’t look as it used to some decades ago. Nobody is going to waste time and call the hotel by phone. Modern software solutions allow users to book rooms with a couple of clicks or taps.

Hotel booking apps help not only to reduce the time needed for such tasks and to make reservation services available 24/7 but also to ensure the highest convenience of all the associated processes. As such apps contain a lot of valuable data about hotels, including descriptions, reviews, and photos, guests can deeply analyze all the available variants to choose the best one. And if you are thinking about creating such a solution, we recommend you try to find interesting features to enhance user experience, such as virtual tours.

Mobile apps for travel budget planning and money saving

Such apps are bound to gain high popularity. The financial side of trips can greatly spoil the impressions of tourists, especially if they have problems with planning their costs. But you can create a mobile application that will help to address this problem.

It can be an app with features for calculating the total costs of different services and items during trips. It will be a great idea to add a currency converter that will regularly update its data in accordance with exchange rate fluctuations.  Moreover, you can develop a feature that will notify users if they are approaching the limit of their budgets.

One more interesting service that may help you to establish a lot of valuable collaborations is a section with various discounts and special deals at tourist locations in different countries. It will be very convenient for users when such information and offers are accumulated in one application on their smartphones.

City guides with translators

You can create a comprehensive app for your city or county that will contain different types of facts that a tourist should know about the location. You can add tourist maps with all the main attractions and their detailed descriptions, a list of hotels and restaurants, an explanation of the public transport system, etc. It is highly recommended to ensure multi-language support and add a feature for translating text and natural speech in real-time.

You can also enrich your in-app maps with the navigation feature powered by augmented reality technology. This will ensure unique experiences for tourists and make their time in your city even more breathtaking.

Final thoughts

Why are tourists so highly interested in various mobile applications for trips? The answer is simple. Such solutions help to facilitate a lot of tasks that typically used to be rather time-consuming. It is comfortable to travel when you do not need to waste your valuable time and effort on solving organizational tasks. Moreover, such applications and their features are available 24/7 which means that you do not need to wait for a ticket office to be opened or for hotel managers to come to their office. And for businesses, the launch of such apps can be an excellent way to diversify their revenue streams and increase their brand recognition and visibility.

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