4 Exciting Trends Changing the Gaming Industry


The gaming industry is one of the most forward-thinking in the world and one of the most competitive as well. Companies are constantly trying to outdo each other and be the first to introduce new technologies. When it’s not Nintendo releasing a VR kit made of cardboard, it’s Sony announcing that they’re releasing the most powerful console ever known to man out of the blue. More competition is great for the industry, but especially for players who get to enjoy new games and new ways of playing consistently. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting trends that are reshaping the gaming industry right now.

Affordable VR and Advanced AR Applications

A lot of people think that virtual technology is something new, but it has been around for more than three decades now. What’s new is how accessible the technology is right now. Nintendo showed that you could offer the VR experience on the cheap with their Labo Kit. They also showed the true possibilities of augmented reality in gaming, first with Pokémon Go, then with the wildly popular Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was the first videogame of its genre and allowed players to turn their homes into custom Mario Kart circuits and play with real miniature carts. We can expect other developers to try to use the technology and release similar games in the future. But, for the time being, Nintendo seems to be the leader in that sphere and everyone’s waiting to see how they will expand their VR and AR collection.

eSports Going Mainstream

eSports are finally accepted into the mainstream and all sports channels have to cover them to some level now. The pandemic has done a lot to push that shift as sports channels had to get creative when many sports events were cancelled or seasons shortened. eSports was already equipped to deal with this type of disruption and competitions were held online. The competitions were still very popular and generated tons of revenue in sponsorships, which allowed the eSports to stay afloat and gain more recognition.

Online Casinos Go Global

Most top online casinos were confined to North America and Europe not too long ago, but the number of online casinos has exploded over the years. No matter where you are on the globe, there’s a strong chance that you’ll find a great local online casino to play at these days.

South Africa, for instance, has become a leader in the scene and online casinos South Africa are every bit as good as any other casinos on the planet. Other countries like Japan and New Zealand are beginning to make a mark on the scene as well, and they’re softening their stances on online gambling. This is good news for international online gamblers who want more convenient options, faster transfers, service in their language, and games that reflect their culture.

These are all trends gaming lovers should keep an eye on in the years to come. The industry is evolving at neck-breaking speeds, and there’s no telling what it has in store for us next, so stay tuned.

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