4 Factors and Qualities to Consider when Getting an Axe


Axes are heavy tools that rely on the strength of your swing and the axe head to chop wood down. Axes are used for woodchopping to size down trees to a more consumable size.

Woodchopping doesn’t only have its practical use but can also be done professionally as a sport. People who partake in the sports aspect of this are tasked with competing with one another in a race to see who can chop down wood the fastest. Aside from the practice and experience needed in wood chopping, finding the right axe engineered for axemen is just as important, as without the proper tools, you can expect to underperform from everyone else.

Here in this article, we’ll go over 4 critical qualities you should look out for in axes

Materials Used for the Axe

The first thing you should consider and look out for when choosing an axe is the material that was used. When it comes to something that is constantly being used and potentially dangerous, material matters!

It is important to be aware of the material of the axe you are planning on buying because other than performance, it is also important to get high-quality material for your safety. Axes made with the wrong material or poor material are more likely to rust and break which will lead to an increased risk for accidents for happens.

An example of this is a choice between a stainless-steel axe head or a carbon steel axe head. For the former, it is more resistant to rust and weathering which makes it an excellent choice for frequent outdoor use. On the other hand, a carbon steel axe head is sharper but not as resistant to wear and tear as the former making it more preferred for sports.

Quality of the Axe Sheaths

In addition to the previous entry, picking out a good axe sheath to go with the axe is just as important. An axe is a sharp tool that needs to remain sharpened for it to perform optimally. One of the factors as to why an axe head might lose its edge is improper storage attributed to the sheathing. For this reason alone, you would want to get the best axe sheathe that comes with the axe.

Another reason why the quality of the axe sheath is important is that it can prevent any harmful accidents. Leather is one of the best materials used for axe sheaths as they are safer and more secured than nylon sheaths.

Shape of the Head

Axe heads can come in many shapes and forms, some more catered to specific usage. An example of a good all-round axe are ones with a flat top with the blade curving downward accompanied with a shallow rise back in the handle.

The reason why this is the best for all-round use is that the downward curve prevents the axe from getting completely stuck in the wood while the flat top can double-down as a make-shift hammer. It also makes the axe more durable and less prone to breaking.

Shape and Length of the Axe Handle

The last thing to consider after going through all 3 qualities is the shape and length of your handle. Same with axe heads, handles come in many sizes, one of the best handles are ones with a slight S-curve and are as long as your arm. These types of handles are best for general use as they are easier to handle because it is easier to apply more force on your swing while maintaining a tight grip on the handle making it the go-to option for most people.

If the handle is too small will require more force to make clean cuts which can be hazardous to your health as it places you at the risk of getting a sprain.


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