4 Genius Ways to Eat Cottage Cheese


Cottage cheese is one of those foods that you can eat in many ways. Filled with protein and nutrients, it is a staple food in many diet regimens because it goes with so many things.

Depending on the kind of milk used to make it, cottage cheese can be a fabulous source of Vitamin B12, calcium, zinc, and copper. It is also low in carbs, sugar, and calories. Consider purchasing low sodium or no sodium cottage cheese to make it even better for you.

Even more enticing is its versatility. Depending on its preparation, cottage cheese can work as a filling side dish, a delicious dessert, and even a convenient snack.

Instead of choosing to eat cottage cheese plain, we recommend getting creative with your meal prep. Here are find four ways to spice up this nutritious superfood – if you’re cooking for your family, these ideas will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters!

1. Make Your Own

The easiest way to fit cottage cheese into your diet is to learn how to prepare it yourself. Making cottage cheese is simple, gives you control of its contents, which isn’t the case with store-bought products:

-Choosing what kind of milk you use will make it as healthy as you want.

-You can also control the cheese’s wetness because the dryer the cheese, the better it is for lactose-intolerant eaters.

-You have control of the curd size and texture while keeping the same flavor.

2. Savory Options

The creamy and versatile flavor of cottage cheese lends itself beautifully to several savory combinations. Some spices that pair well with this cheese include:

  • Za’atar
  • Dried onion
  • Garlic powder
  • Cayenne for a slight kick

Don’t forget veggies! A few classic options are:

  • Cucumber
  • Bell pepper
  • Tomato

An unusual but equally delicious choice is to use cottage cheese as an ingredient for crêpes. This involves puréeing it with egg whites and oats, then cooking up the batter in a pan and topping it off with your favorite fillings, such as cheese or avocado.

3. A Great Way to Break the Fast

Cottage cheese can be used as an ingredient in your favorite breakfast staples. You can add a creamy and tangy kick to any scrambled eggs. They also warrant fluffy, delicious pancakes when mixed into the batter.

If you need something easy to make ahead, it works beautifully as an ingredient in a make-ahead breakfast casserole. You can also blend it up in a smoothie for an extra dose of protein.

Even just topping a bowl of the stuff with some fruit and honey is a delicious and healthy way to start your day.

4. A Sweet Treat

As a slightly bland and flexible ingredient, cottage cheese goes hand-in-hand with many scrumptious sweets. Use it in your cheesecake instead of cream cheese, which will make eating this notoriously rich dessert guilt-free. Adding cocoa powder and sugar is as simple as it gets, creating a rich treat for after dinner or even as a snack.

It also pairs perfectly with fruits. Some classic pairings include strawberry, blueberry, and even mango for a sweet and tangy treat.


Cottage cheese is the unassuming superfood that you need to add to your diet ASAP. Its versatility makes this an ideal dessert for people that need some creativity in the kitchen, and its health benefits are undeniable.

Adding a scoop to your favorite snack will give it a boost of protein and nutrients without jeopardizing the flavor. We hope you boost your recipes with these ideas!

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