4 Hacks to Make Your Bluetooth Speaker Louder


Are you planning to buy a new Bluetooth speaker because yours produces low sound? Known for its advantages, Bluetooth speakers are widely used nowadays. Also, studies show that online streaming services made Bluetooth speakers easier to use.  

Who doesn’t like partying and listening to music without the fear of tripping over wires? Since it’s handy, you can easily play music whether you’re cooking or even taking a bath. However, one of the challenges that most users encounter with Bluetooth turntable speakers is their low-quality sound.

A few users complained that the volume is not as good enough or the sound produces bad feedback. Let’s face it, the higher the volume is, the more enjoyable it gets. Making your Bluetooth speaker louder is attainable, and you don’t need to purchase other expensive gadgets or devices. Below are simple hacks that you can follow to make your Bluetooth speaker sound louder:

1. Put it on the floor

A simple and odd but effective way to increase the sound quality of your wireless speaker is to place it on the floor. This hack on your speakers will produce more bass than it does if it is on the couch or the table. Positioning a wireless speaker on the floor assists the flow of vibration which then results in clear, louder sounds. This is useful during gatherings or parties where your goal is to play soft music while the party is going on.  Also make sure to check out the top rated center channel speakers as well for a great option. 

2. Place it against a wall

This basic trick affects the quality bass output of your device. Although walls may ruin and act as a barrier, they can also perform as a high amplifier. In this way, you will appreciate the clear sounds you are hearing. It has been said that positioning your Bluetooth speakers near or close to a wall will boost the volume level by 25% of the initial sound of the device. 

Keep in mind that there are factors that may affect this trick such as the space between the wall and even the quality and the type of the wall.

3. Check the room size

For your Bluetooth speaker to maximize its full potential, you have to know the factors that affect its functionality. Using your device in an open area can create a decrease in sound quality than listening to it in a room. The loudness of your speaker varies in accordance with the size of the area of the room. 

Walls surrounding the room produce sound waves that increase the volume and produce good quality sound. Be mindful to regulate the sound level of the device so as to not create too loud music which may ruin the atmosphere. 

These devices are ideal for closed-area used, but there are good quality Bluetooth speakers in the market that work well either outdoors or indoors.  

4. Set it close to a corner

If you tried putting your Bluetooth speaker against a wall, then this last trick will help you too. How about moving your Bluetooth device close to a corner in the room? This position can increase the level of your speakers by up to 40%. The corners surrounding the device can serve as amplifiers. Simply adjust the distance between the speaker and the corner until you can find the perfect spot so as not to create a static sound. 

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Usually, these tricks are simple and trouble-free to follow. In any case that your device won’t simply work with the above tricks, you can have it checked, or you can invest in a good-quality Bluetooth speaker. Don’t compromise price over quality; spoil yourself with good music whenever and wherever you are.   If you want to buy sports gear, follow the Trendz Time Blog, and you will get a lot of informative tips & tricks like this.


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