4 Ideas for a Group Outing in Fort Myers

You have been put in charge of organizing your business’s teambuilding day, and while you usually welcome the challenge, you find yourself stumped. The company enjoys having all the employees interacting and engaged with something around them.

Living in Southwest Florida is helpful to this type of dilemma. No matter what time of year it is, there is a good chance that you will be able to find something to do outdoors. Even in the summer, when the temperature sores, activity choices abound for varying degrees of interests and ages. Here is a list of four of some of the ways you and your business can spend a day of solidarity.

1. Venture Down To Naples

Roadtrips were always the thing to do in college, and capturing that may be well worth the trip. There are a variety of things to do naples that make the trip worth taking. Depending on the size of your group, you may be able to rent a large van, or you may need a bus. Do this instead of having everybody carpool to cut down on time spent apart. Organize games on the bus, so everyone enjoys the drive to the beach.

2. Take a Walk Through Time

If your company is more into providing knowledge to its employees, look no further than the Edison and Ford Estate right in Fort Myers. The grounds of the home offer exquisite views of old cypress trees and lush vegetation. Choose a spot for a group picnic or teambuilding activity. Book a private tour of the house and create an interactive scavenger hunt for teams to fill out and win prizes.

3. Check Out the Manatees

A popular attraction around the area is Manatee Park. The waterways here are home to numerous manatees year-round. Rent kayaks and take the plunge as a team, paddling your way through scenic waterways and along the shoreline. Give teams a chance to make up cheers or songs about rowing to keep them engaged.

4. Take a Hike

With all the greenery that sprouts around Fort Myers year-round, finding an excellent place to hike and picnic may do the trick. Six Mile Slough Preserve is a good place to allow people to wander in small groups, or take on a hike as a full team. The cypress trees provide enough shade to keep the sun from beating down on your fun.

When tasked with planning a group activity, it doesn’t have to lead to a breakdown. Take a look at one of these options to keep everyone happy on their teambuilding adventure.