4 Important Factors to Remember While Buying a New ATV


We know that ATVs are fun and can bring a whole lot of excitement and adventure to one’s life.

But at the end of the day, ATVs are automobiles just like a car, truck or motorcycle. Therefore, making an informed choice is always a good idea.

There’s a number of factors that you must consider before you pay for an ATV, and in this blog post, we are discussing four of them.

1. Engine Displacement

Engine displacement is inarguably the first most important factor to consider while exploring your ATV options.

From power output to the weight of the machine, and the fuel efficiency, all these factors are largely influenced by the engine displacement.

For example, if the engine displacement is higher, in most cases, we can say that the power output will be higher (except if a lower displacement engine comes with multiple cylinders, or is tuned for higher performance).

Higher displacement means that the engine’s pistons are bigger. This adds to the weight of the machine, and bigger engines generally consume more fuel.

So, if fuel efficiency is a priority, you may consider going for a smaller engine ATV. You can check out Polaris’ range of ATVs. They are sturdy, reliable, attractive and powerful.

2. Manual or Automatic Transmission

If you are not comfortable shifting gears, you may want to go for an automatic ATV.

These ATVs do not require the rider to pull the clutch to shift gears.

If you choose a manual ATV, you will have to use the clutch every time you need to shift gears. And it’s going to be a lot of gear-shifting on off-road trails.

So, either train yourself to manage the clutch or cut the effort and simply get an automatic ATV.

Also, note that shift gear ATVs are slightly more fuel-efficient when compared to automatic gear ATVs.

3. Brakes

The braking on your vehicle must be spot on. ATVs are generally meant for off-roading adventures and therefore, the brakes should be designed to hold strong in all types of situations.

Before you finalize your purchase, make sure to learn all about the braking systems on all the ATVs you are looking at.

Whether they have drum brakes or disc brakes, and whether the brakes come with ABS or not.

Considering these pointers will help you ensure your safety while riding the ATV.

You can also search the web for user reviews regarding brake performance on different ATVs.

4. Budget

Depending on your budget, you can find ATV options ranging from a little over a thousand dollars to several thousand dollars.

Certainly, more expensive options, including higher quality tires from retailers like System 3, will have more features, will provide more comfort, power and better ergonomics. But before you go out to explore your options, decide a budget for your purchase.

First of all, this will help you save time and effort as you won’t be looking at options that are out of your budget.

Secondly, this will ensure that you don’t overspend on an ATV.

So, decide on a budget and stick to it.

Wrapping up

The decision of buying an ATV can make your life interesting in many ways. However, the experience can be best enjoyed when you make a smart purchase.

In this post, we talked about four important factors that you should consider while buying a new ATV.

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