4 Mistakes You Are Probably Making When Designing Your House


You decided to design your new house, and that means you will have ultimate control over the house, implementing all your wishes and wants. You probably made a long list of all the things you always wanted your new home to have. Since you all know how home plans can make you feel excited, without even thinking of the end results.

Undoubtedly there will be mistakes when you start with house designing and it is better to avoid them.

We have selected these 5 mistakes everyone forgets when it comes to designing your home.

Skipping Storage Space

Who will think of more storage space when we have an opportunity to design the bath of our dreams? Yes, this will definitely happen. It can happen to all of us. We focus so much more on those fancy designs, we forget on those that matter, like getting bigger closets to keep all our clothes and other items organized.

The home will definitely look neater when we focus on getting adequate storage space. Don’t estimate the power of closets and add them to your list when you design your house.

Ignoring your Designer

Knowing what you want doesn’t always mean that it is the best option to make. To build or buy a new house needs an expert’s opinion on the house design.

Whether you are going to do it by yourself or leave it to the designer, depends on your budget. Which one you choose, you need to make a decision on the design. Truoba house designs are something you need to consider if you want to avoid additional designer mistakes and you are not sure whether your skills will get the house of your dreams.

Forgetting to Define Wants and Needs

You will need to make compromises when working on the house design unless you have an unlimited budget for this house project. Defining your wants and needs is important, especially if you can’t see the difference between these two and the list that includes them is very long.

Write down five things you need for your new home, and then five things that would be nice to have. Try to stick within the planned budget and first get the things you would need for the house.

Forgetting about the Flow in the Home

According to architects, well-designed home is the one that has better ‘flow’. It is the space that allows every person, to move easily from room to room.

Although it might seem like a little thing, the flow actually affects how you feel and live in your home. It is not only good for the family members but for the guests to feel better, without passing many rooms to get to the bathroom. Imagine your bedroom is close to the front door and you being disturbed by the ring of the doorbell or the traffic noise on the street.

The flow does matter, and you should consider it when you start designing your home.

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